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Horse riding holidays and dressage lessons in Italy

Horse riding holidays in Italy offer something for everyone. Trail rides through the beautiful Tuscan countryside, classical dressage lessons for riders with prior knowledge, or beginner lessons for those who want to learn. Coupled with classic Italian cooking and wine this really is "la dolce vita" - the sweet life!
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From the horse’s mouth

  • Riding with Tuscan Cowboys
    September 2023 Helen Julia aged 55
    Wow! This trip was amazing! I went in the second week in September 2023 with my sister and I will never forget the trip. All staff were lovely and extremely welcoming. We met some other guests from different countries (most of them travelling alone) from Denmark, Germany, Belgium and the US, and we rode with them... Read all
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  • Wild Sicily - Madonie to Etna
    July 2023 Imme Dorothea aged 44
    First I rode Dedalo who was quite the opposite of what I described as preference. I prefer horses with a strong „Go“ whilst he is a very very relaxed and slow horse. Because of a light injury I was asked to change the horse and could ride Viola who was perfect, motivated to move and easy to handle. I was impressed by... Read all
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  • Riding with Tuscan Cowboys
    September 2022 CATHERINE aged 62
    The trip to Il Cornacchino was absolutely SUPERB! Heaven on earth - not only excellent horse riding on very responsive but safe horses but excellent and healthy food every day and the wine was good too!
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  • Wild Sicily - Madonie to Etna
    June 2022 Charlotte aged 72
    The horses were all well-trained, well-behaved, and strong enough to breeze through a grueling week of up & down paths for 7-8 hrs and 6 days long. I was given Zeus, a tiny Arab who they were converting from guide horse to customer horse. They said he might be difficult (which I don’t mind), but he was also fine.... Read all
    More about this trip
  • Madonie short break
    September 2021 Ann aged 49
    Lizzie and Alex were amaaazing! We have been on a lot of foreign rides and this one stood out for the technical trails, superb guides and food, comfortable tack and treatment of the horses. I truly felt like we got a genuine Sicilian experience from people who are deeply proud of the land, combined with a British... Read all
  • Horse riding training in Sardinia
    Horse riding training in Sardinia
  • Silhouette of a horse and rider in the stables at Il Paretaio
    This is based out of a gorgeous 17th century Tuscan farmhouse
  • Cantering on the beach in Sardinia
    Cantering along the seashore
  • Horse riding holiday in Tuscany
    An ideal destination for friends and families
  • Dressage training in Italy
    Classical dressage riding holiday in Tuscany
  • Horseback riders on a trail ride to Mount Etna
    An adventure trail ride from the Madonie to Mount Etna
  • Trail riding at Il Paretaio in Tuscany
    The stables are home to over 30 well-trained horses
  • Sardinia horseback trail ride
    Riding in Sardinia
  • Beach horseback trail ride, Sardinia
    Enjoying a canter on the beach
  • Horseback riders crossing a field in Sicily
    Sicily as seen from the back of a horse!
  • Horseback trail ride in Tuscany
    Horseback trail under the Tuscan sun

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Capital: Rome
Official languages: Italian
Government: Unitary Parliamentary republic
Area: 301,340 km2
Population: 60,483,973 (2017 estimate)
GDP PPP total: $2.399 trillion (2018 estimate)
Currency: euro
Time zone: UTC+1, UTC+2 (summer)

Choosing the right riding holiday

Choosing the right riding holiday

Italy has so much to offer. Whether you are looking to ride along the Mediterranean coastline, or discover its mountainous paths and medieval villages, you can discover Italy’s picturesque landscapes and culture on a horseback riding holiday that is perfect for you.

For riders looking for a riding holiday that brings together comfort, traditional Italian cuisine and fantastic trail riding, we recommend the following centre-based holidays:
• “Mountains, Forests and coastlines of Sardinia” – for competent riders wanting long hours in the saddle and a good pace.
• “Sardinia Country House” also welcomes both non-riders and beginners (in addition to more experienced riders!) who want to get their first taste of trail riding in the magnificent Sardinian countryside, or the chance for flatwork or jumping lessons.

For those of you who have a passion for dressage, why not enjoy one of our Tuscan dressage stays where you can enjoy the comfort of a charming Tuscan farmhouse with a fabulous outdoor swimming pool!
• The “Classical dressage in Tuscany” programme is for competent riders with a basic understanding of dressage movements,
• The “Learn to ride - Tuscan farmhouse” ride is for more novice riders. This also a fabulous option for the non-riders in your life too!

Seeking a little more adventure? Why not join our longer trail rides and explore the Italian countryside on horseback such as our “Wild Sicily- Madonie to Etna”. A shorter, but still adventurous trail is the “Madonie short break” - perfect for those looking for a quick equestrian getaway in Sicily.

For those aspiring western riders, our Western ranch in Tuscany is a lovely place with many different programmes available – including a centre-based holiday, riding alongside Tuscan cowboys on the “Maremma Trail”, the “Etruscan trail” or the “Two lakes trail”. Our camping trail will also provide riders with opportunity to go swimming with horses!