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Equus Journeys specialise in equestrian traditions and offer trail rides and riding holidays around the world. With us, travel the world and discover the Marwari horses of India, step in the boots of the US cowboys and help them in their work, ride with the Butteri of Italy or discover the Berber culture of southern Morocco. We have the right riding holiday for any rider and will be pleased to advise you on the best possible options for you, your family and your friends.

Equus Journeys is staffed by an international, friendly team of horse riding holiday specialists.  We have travelled far and wide from India to Botswana, Albania to Ireland, Montana to Mongolia, and much more!
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  • Horses, Dunes and Nomads
    January 2023 Suzannah Maria aged 27
    I was so impressed by how well behaved the horses were. I was slightly apprehensive, since I'd never ridden a stallion before this trip, but all of the horses were well behaved and forward-going. Our guides also matched everyone very well with horses appropriate for their skill level. I rode Moonlight and am already... Read all
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  • Horses, Dunes and Nomads
    January 2023 Antonia aged 22
    This trip was absolutely perfect to me, I really enjoyed every second of it. The landscape was different every day and simply beautiful. The food was so good and the guest houses were also beautiful and comfortable. The crew was really wonderful also, I got to ask so many questions about the culture and learned so... Read all
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  • Flexible riding programme at Galiny Palace
    November 2022 Stephen aged 56
    The horses, instruction, facilities and accommodation at Galiny are first class. Friendly and helpful hotel staff look after you while at the stables you are encouraged to get involved with grooming and tack. The instructors encourage sensitive riding with an informed technical approach. We rode several different... Read all
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  • Ants Lodges
    November 2022 Lucy Dominique aged 39
    A lovely place to stay. The two week old baby rhino, Commander, was an absolute hilight and so bold and curious with the horses! Riding out with Ant was fast paced and fun for the more experienced among us. I rode three different horses at Ant’s nest. All were forward going, polite and tough, tackling any tricky... Read all
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  • Virgin beaches of Andalucía
    November 2022 Kathleen aged 52
    Marvellous. I had Ondina and Franco had Aysha. We were told « they are the same » which wasn’t the case at all. More info about the horses on day 1 would have been very useful.
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