Horse riding holidays and trail rides in Asia

Asia is the birthplace of the ancient horse - the Przewalski horse still roams free in the wilds of Mongolia - and horses are intricately woven throughout its history. Horse riding holidays in Asia offer a unique chance to immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of local people - Buddhist festivals in Tibet or horse and camel fairs in Rajasthan. Riding trails lead you through spectacular high mountain scenery in Ladakh or Kyrgyzstan or across deserts and steppes in Mongolia and India. A riding holiday in Asia is a true adventure.
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From the horse’s mouth

  • Celestial Mountain Trail
    July 2023 Vesselin aged 52
    An amazing trip. The scenery is breathtaking. The horses are as tough as nails and very reliable. The local tack is as comfortable as it gets. It is a physically demanding trip, though. Prepare for a lot of rain and cold. Highly recommended for the adventurous traveler who doesn't mind to rough it for a couple of... Read all
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  • Aravalli Hills
    October 2022 Rebecca aged 52
    Our trip was absolutely incredible & very well organised. An absolute must! The length was tailored to our needs as we combined it with another trip to India & Bhutan. The Marwari horses are such beautiful unique creatures and scenery was utterly amazing - the horses are loved and very well looked after, beautiful yet... Read all
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  • Celestial Mountain Trail
    July 2022 Katrine Stange aged 32
    An amazing holiday, beautiful scenery and great horses. It was wonderful to wake up to the horses grazing outside the tent. The horses were well trained and a pleasure to ride. They are incredibly sure footed! The team was great and the food was absolutely first class! We felt we were taken good care of all the time.... Read all
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  • The Kham Riders (Shamalong Festival)
    July 2020 Mark aged 45
    We had a great holiday thanks. Everything was wonderful – the horses, the horsemen, the food and especially Tashi (guide / translator) who was excellent. The stay at the Ecolodge was also lovely. Angela and her team do a great job.The weather on day one wasn't great but we quickly forgot about that and the weather... Read all
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  • Forgotten palaces in Shekhawati Christmas ride
    December 2019 Veronica aged 45
    I finally rode Marwaris, wow what amazing Horses these are! especially if you like a challenging steed and are a fit rider ! Very technical ride at times considering that most of the riding landscape is on country sandy roads confined by barbed wires and often surrounded by trees which means that at speed you really... Read all
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  • Young Mongolian boys on horseback
    More than just an equestrian experience
  • Riders on horseback in Mongolia
    Mongolia horseback vacation and trail riding
  • Marwari horses galloping in the Thar Desert in India
    A fast paced ride through the spectacular landscapes of the Thar Desert.
  • Christophe Leservoisier riding a Marwari horse in India
    Riding beautiful Marwari horses in Rajasthan, India