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Natural Horsemanship

Natural Horsemanship riding holidays

Natural horsemanship is a broad term used to describe the philosophy of training horses in harmony with their natural instincts and behaviours. It is based on the idea that horses learn best from pressure and release rather than through fear or unnatural processes. A riding holiday where you can learn natural horsemanship techniques is perfect if you want to create a deeper connection with horses and understand their psychology. We have a variety of horseback holidays that offer the opportunity to learn about these techniques, both on foot or in the saddle, with courses open to everyone.

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From the horse’s mouth

  • Riding with Tuscan Cowboys
    July 2021 JAMIE aged 45
    This was most definitely my happy place. What a place, the horses are just so well trained, and the staff are just wonderful. The accommodation whilst super basic really feels like home should feel. I will be highly recommending this place to everyone! and will be returning. Everyone I met here have been visiting for... Read all
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  • Riding with Tuscan Cowboys
    July 2021 Aneta Olga aged 36
    The itinerary was perfect for my first holiday in the saddle. All the guides were great. Flavia was amazing with my friends who had less experience. I particularly appreciated rides with Flavieto, as he is very energetic and was ready for more brisk rides with lots of trots and canter transitions when the groups were... Read all
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  • Rocking Z Ranch
    October 2020 Kimberly
    This was my very first domestic stationary trip and it was great! Patty, Zach, Anna and Maria quickly made me feel right at home right down to hanging around in the kitchen and talking recipes. The accommodation were clean and comfortable and Patty's cooking was satisfying and delicious. They are great at... Read all
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  • Rocking Z Ranch
    July 2019 Joanne Pamela aged 56
    Everyone at the ranch was very welcoming and helpful. The horses were well-matched to riders and there was scope to do lots of different riding activities. Rooms and food were great too. Darlin was a good match for me - I enjoyed all the activities - especially the cattle drives and the horsemanship games.
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  • Rocking Z Ranch
    May 2018 Michael John aged 55
    This has been a fantastic experience and one that I can only recommend. I will definitely be booking with you guys again.. Many thanks to all the team who have been so supportive and helpful. I had three, Axle, Tony and Hazel... Hazel looked after me very well.. They were all wonderful
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