Classical Dressage in Portugal

The perfect riding holiday for the dressage lover or for those who wish to discover this magnificent art. Just outside Lisbon, stay at this dressage centre and have lessons on their highly schooled Lusitano horses from one of three experienced instructors.
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Dressage stays
8 days / 7 riding
From £890
Open to non-riders
  • Classical dressage in Portugal
    Classical dressage in Portugal
  • Classical dressage in Portugal
    Classical dressage training in Portugal
  • Dressage center in Portugal
    Improve your dressage skills at a training centre
  • Alcainca dresasge stay in Portugal
    Improving dressage in Alcainca
  • Classical dressage at Alcainca, Portugal
    Classical dressage in Portugal
  • Improving dressage in Portugal
    Under the watchful eye of the Alcainca instructor
  • Portugal and accommodation on a riding holiday
    Accommodation in Portugal
  • Classical dressage in Portugal
    Improve your dressage skills in our Quinta in Portugal



- Classical dressage lessons in small groups of 2 or 3 riders (maximum 4 in a group)
- Choose to have one or two lessons each day (each lesson lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours)
- Three exceptional instructors - the chief instructor Georges Malleroni studied under the great Portugese master Nuno Oliveria, but the other two instructors are equally as talented: Paulo Tita and Jaoa Batalha
- Beautifully schooled Lusitano horses, some of whom are capable of high school movements
- Non riders are welcome
- Plan your week to allow time to visit some of the surrounding area such as local monasteries, Lisbon city or the Portugese School of Equestrian Art at Queluz.
  • Day 1 1 : LONDON - LISBON - One or no lesson

    Your flight to Lisbon can arrive at any time, although please note that there is no discount if your late arrival means that you miss dinner on the first night.

    You will be met on arrival at Lisbon airport and transferred to the equestrian centre which is located just 25km from Lisbon. Alternatively you may prefer to hire a car and drive yourself to the centre - we can provide driving directions.

    After settling into your room, and time permitting, you will have your first dressage lesson this afternoon (if you have selected the programme with 2 lessons a day)
  • Day 2 2 : DRESSAGE - 1 or 2 lessons

    You will have pre-booked either one or two lessons today.
    Each lesson comprises 2 - 4 riders and lasts between 1 hour and 1h30.

    The morning lessons start around 09:30 and the afternoon lessons start around 16:00, although this can vary depending on the time of year and weather.

    Lessons usually start in walk with the chance to practice shoulder-in, leg yielding and travers before moving onto trot and canter. For those with prior dressage experience if may be possible to practice Spanish walk, piaffe, passage or pirouettes. Classical dressage is particularly focused on lightness, beauty and expression.

    If you have chosen only one lesson today, then this could be either in the morning or the afternoon and the rest of the day can be spend relaxing at the centre, by the pool or perhaps off-site visiting Lisbon or Queluz.

    Please note that over the duration of your stay, you migh take lessons with different instructors, depending on your riding abilities and language preferences.
  • Day 3 3 : DRESSAGE - 1 or 2 lessons

    Again you will have booked either one or two dressage lessons for today. It is not always possible to request additional lessons once you have arrived so you should be certain to book enough in advance.
  • Day 4 4 : DRESSAGE - 1 or 2 lessons

    Again you will have booked either one or two dressage lessons for today. It is not always possible to request additional lessons once you have arrived so you should be certain to book enough in advance.
  • Day 5 5 : DRESSAGE - 1 or 2 lessons

    Again you will have booked either one or two dressage lessons for today. It is not always possible to request additional lessons once you have arrived so you should be certain to book enough in advance.
  • Day 6 6 : DRESSAGE - 1 or 2 lessons

    Again you will have booked either one or two dressage lessons for today. It is not always possible to request additional lessons once you have arrived so you should be certain to book enough in advance.
  • Day 7 7 : DRESSAGE - 1 or 2 lessons

    Again you will have booked either one or two dressage lessons for today. It is not always possible to request additional lessons once you have arrived so you should be certain to book enough in advance.
  • Day 8 8 : LISBON - LONDON - 1 lesson

    Provided your flight time allows you will have a final lesson this morning before being transferred back to Lisbon airport. Flights are not included but we can book these for you on request.

Dates & prices

Price details

- Flights are not included.

- Prices quoted include one lesson each day but there is the option to add a second lesson for a supplement - please ask for more information so that we can book your preferred programme. Rates details:

Rate for 8 days with 1 lesson of 1 to 1H30 per day:
January and February : €1000 - £ 890
March to October (inc) : €1245 - £1100
November and December : €1120 - £995

Rate for 8 days with 2 lessons of 1 to 1H30 per day (except on the first and last day, 1 lesson only):
January and February : €1215 - £920
March to October (inc) : €1515 - £1350
November and December : €1365 - £1215

Non rider rates for 8 days
January and February : €615 - £550
March to October (inc) : €770 - £685
November and December : €695 - £620

- Dates are flexible and you can arrive/depart on any day and stay for as long as you like with discounts for longer stays. The riding centre will confirm for one person and all departures are guaranteed. Please contact us for a personalised quote.

- If you return to the dressage centre a second time during the same year then there is a discount of 5% off the ride price (not including flights/transfers).

- There is a single supplement unless you are willing to share with another rider - c. €260/£230 for the week.

- Transfers can be arranged from the airport or Lisbon city centre to the dressage centre at extra cost. From the airport to the centre costs c. £90 return for the vehicle (1-3 passengers); from the city centre to the dressage school costs c. £95 return for the vehicle (1-3 passengers). These will be invoiced to you before your departure. Alternatively you may prefer to hire a car and drive yourself - we can provide driving directions.

- On the first day, if you arrive before 2PM to the riding school, you can attend a training session. If you arrive after 2PM, no lessons will be offered and you will not be refunded. On the last day, if you leave before 12AM of the riding school, no dressage lesson will be offered and you will not be refunded.

- Departures on the 24/12 and 31/12 - £35 discount on programme 1 (1 lesson/day) and £77 on programme 2 (2 lessons/day). This reflects the fact that there won't be any riding on 24/12 - 25/12 - 1/01.

- Riders from 12 years are welcome if they have the required riding level and a good level of concentration, and if accompanied by their parents.

- A driver is available during your stay if you wish to take a local excursion, such as to the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, Mafra or Lisbon - these excursions are at additional cost and payable locally.
Please Note
The itinerary may be modified at anytime for security reasons, meteorological or events beyond our control such as blocked roads, rivers in flood, drought, strikes and local holidays. Equus Journeys, our local partners and their local guides will always strive to find the best solution and will alter the itinerary as needed.
The names of the hotels and accommodation are given for information only and depending on availability, they may be modified without notice and replaced by another of a similar standard.

Price includes

Support Team

3 English speaking teachers under the leadership of Mr Georges Malleroni


1 horse equipped with classical dressage saddle and bridle (the horse can change during the stay)


Double room in Guesthouses (7 nights)


Full board from first dinner to last breakfast during the ride

Price doesn't include


Beverage and personal extra


International flights


Tips to local team


Cancellation and travel insurance are not included in the above listed price. Please note that insurance is mandatory. We recommend taking out an insurance policy as soon as your trip is booked to cover you in case of cancellation



Single room supplement


Airport transfers on destination
  • September - October 2020

    Departure Return Price without flights Price including flights Status
    03/10/2020 10/10/2020 £1,095 Guaranteed departure Book now
    10/10/2020 17/10/2020 £1,095 Guaranteed departure Book now
    17/10/2020 24/10/2020 £1,095 Guaranteed departure Book now
    24/10/2020 31/10/2020 £1,095 Guaranteed departure Book now
    31/10/2020 07/11/2020 £960 Guaranteed departure Book now
  • November - December 2020

    Departure Return Price without flights Price including flights Status
    07/11/2020 14/11/2020 £960 Guaranteed departure Book now
    14/11/2020 21/11/2020 £960 Guaranteed departure Book now
    21/11/2020 28/11/2020 £960 Guaranteed departure Book now
    28/11/2020 05/12/2020 £960 Guaranteed departure Book now
    05/12/2020 12/12/2020 £960 Guaranteed departure Book now
    12/12/2020 19/12/2020 £960 Guaranteed departure Book now
    19/12/2020 26/12/2020 £960 Guaranteed departure Book now
    26/12/2020 02/01/2021 £960 Guaranteed departure Book now
  • January - February 2021

    Departure Return Price without flights Price including flights Status
    02/01/2021 09/01/2021 £890 Guaranteed departure Book now
    09/01/2021 16/01/2021 £890 Guaranteed departure Book now
    16/01/2021 23/01/2021 £890 Guaranteed departure Book now
    23/01/2021 30/01/2021 £890 Guaranteed departure Book now
    30/01/2021 06/02/2021 £890 Guaranteed departure Book now
    06/02/2021 13/02/2021 £890 Guaranteed departure Book now
    13/02/2021 20/02/2021 £890 Guaranteed departure Book now
    20/02/2021 27/02/2021 £890 Guaranteed departure Book now
    27/02/2021 06/03/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
  • March - April 2021

    Departure Return Price without flights Price including flights Status
    06/03/2021 13/03/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    13/03/2021 20/03/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    20/03/2021 27/03/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    27/03/2021 03/04/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    03/04/2021 10/04/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    10/04/2021 17/04/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    17/04/2021 24/04/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    24/04/2021 01/05/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
  • May - June 2021

    Departure Return Price without flights Price including flights Status
    01/05/2021 08/05/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    08/05/2021 15/05/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    15/05/2021 22/05/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    22/05/2021 29/05/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    29/05/2021 05/06/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    05/06/2021 12/06/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    12/06/2021 19/06/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    19/06/2021 26/06/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    26/06/2021 03/07/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
  • July - August 2021

    Departure Return Price without flights Price including flights Status
    03/07/2021 10/07/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    10/07/2021 17/07/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    17/07/2021 24/07/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    24/07/2021 31/07/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    31/07/2021 07/08/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    07/08/2021 14/08/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    14/08/2021 21/08/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    21/08/2021 28/08/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    28/08/2021 04/09/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
  • September - October 2021

    Departure Return Price without flights Price including flights Status
    04/09/2021 11/09/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    11/09/2021 18/09/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    18/09/2021 25/09/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    25/09/2021 02/10/2021 £1,100 Guaranteed departure Book now
    02/10/2021 09/10/2021 £995 Guaranteed departure Book now
    09/10/2021 16/10/2021 £995 Guaranteed departure Book now
    16/10/2021 23/10/2021 £995 Guaranteed departure Book now
    23/10/2021 30/10/2021 £995 Guaranteed departure Book now
    30/10/2021 06/11/2021 £995 Guaranteed departure Book now
  • November - December 2021

    Departure Return Price without flights Price including flights Status
    06/11/2021 13/11/2021 £995 Guaranteed departure Book now
    13/11/2021 20/11/2021 £995 Guaranteed departure Book now
    20/11/2021 27/11/2021 £995 Guaranteed departure Book now
    27/11/2021 04/12/2021 £995 Guaranteed departure Book now
    04/12/2021 11/12/2021 £995 Guaranteed departure Book now
    11/12/2021 18/12/2021 £995 Guaranteed departure Book now
    18/12/2021 25/12/2021 £995 Guaranteed departure Book now
    25/12/2021 01/01/2022 £995 Guaranteed departure Book now

Equestrian info


There are approximately 20 horses available for guests and they are all pure-bred or part-bred Lusitano's. Some are stallions but mainly they are geldings. The horses are at varying levels of training, so there are schoolmasters for intermediate riders or those just starting out in dressage as well as horses capable of producing high school movements for experienced riders.

Minimum riding ability

Minimum riding ability

You should be able to walk, trot and canter and be a confident rider.
Riders who have some prior experience of dressage will get the most from this holiday. An understanding of some basic terms, such as shoulder-in is required. The centre cannot cater for beginner riders. You will be expected to wear a hard hat when mounted and please note that we can not guarantee that your lessons will be with a particular instructor.

Rider weight limit - 89 kgs / 13.5 stones. Heavier riders please contact us.


Depending on your experience you will work in all three paces and may include movements such as shoulder-in, travers, half pass, piaffe etc.

Tacking ability and participation

You will be expected to assist with grooming, tacking up and untacking your horse each day but grooms are available to assist you if necessary.

Trip conditions and Requested experience

No special difficulties, but a prior knowledge of basic dressage is required. You will get more out of the tuition if you have some experience of basic dressage terms, such as shoulder-in.

Equestrian equipment

Spurs and sticks will be made available to you if the instructors feel you require them.

Riding helmets are mandatory. We recommend all our riders to wear a helmet to the correct standard and you should bring your own to ensure a proper fit.

Travel info


The guesthouse at the dressage centre has four twin rooms on site, each with private bathroom and located close to the stables. There are also an additional three twin rooms just over the road. The dining room, communal living area with TV and bar, as well as the unheated swimming pool are all available year round.


You eat all your meals in the dining room at the riding centre, which overlooks the indoor arena.

Breakfast is continental and buffet style.
Lunch is light such as quiche and salad.
Dinner is usually fish or meat with salads and vegetables. The focus is on traditional Portugese cuisine and all is prepared locally by the chef.
All drinks and wine are included.


Portugal has a pleasant climate with mild temperatures all year round:
Winter: 12 - 15c
Spring: 20 - 25c
Summer: 30 - 35c
Autumn: 15 - 20c
There is rarely rain during the summer months, but rain is common in winter and can occur in spring also.

Guide and local team

There are three main instructors and it is likely that you will have lessons with one of them throughout your stay for continuity and consistency in your training.

- Georges speaks English, Portugese and French and originally trained under Nuno Oliveira. He has been passionate about dressage since childhood and is a joy to watch.
- Paolo is a former student of Georges and he speaks Portugese, French, English and German. He is passionate about teaching dressage and gets very involved in his lessons.
- Renato is the 3rd teacher. After graduating from the school Alter Real Professional with excellent results in dressage, cross-country and showjumping, he is now specializing in Dressage. Renato trained and sold his first horse when graduating, and is now continuing his passion for developing fine horses by breeding his own Lusitanos in Alentejo, while teaching classical equitation and training the horses at our shool.


Tips are appreciated but not expected. You should give what you feel is appropriate and you feel comfortable with.

Packing list

- A helmet is mandatory. Equus Journeys strongly recommend that you take your own to ensure a correct fit.
- Sunhat for when not riding
- Sunglasses

Upper body
- Long sleeved shirts to provide protection from the sun
- T-shirts
- Lightweight fleece or jumper
- Warm polar fleece or equivalent, particularly in winter
- Waterproof jacket - rain can be difficult to predict and it's better to be prepared.

- Lightweight, comfortable riding trousers or jodhpurs - we recommend riding in them at home before taking them on holiday to ensure they don't rub
- Casual clothes for the evenings (jeans or walking trousers)

Hands and Feet
- Comfortable riding boots. We recommend short boots with half chaps but you may wish to take long boots, particularly if you are used to riding in them.
- Shoes for the evenings
- Several pairs of socks
- Gloves - your hands are particularly exposed to the sun whilst riding

- Pyjamas etc (something warm in winter as the nights can be cold)

Other useful items
- Swimsuit - the pool is open during summer months
- Camera and high capacity memory card. Spare battery
- Ear plugs (for light sleepers)

In your luggage
- Any liquids, such as shampoo, moisturiser, deodorant unless they are less than 100ml and all bottles can fit in a small, clear, plastic ziplock bag.
- Swiss army knife or equivalent

In your hand luggage
- Any valuables, such as your camera, ipod, ipad etc.
- Your riding hat

Medical kit
- Sunscreen and lip balm - should be high factor
- Insect repellent
- Any medication you regularly take
- Blister plasters in case of any rubs
- Antiseptic cream, plasters, aspirin, anti-histamine, insect-bite salve etc...
- Spare prescription glasses/contact lenses
- Eye drops
- Imodium or similar anti-diarrhoea medication
- Re-hydration sachets
- Antiseptic wipes
- Handwash gel

Our Recommendations
- Backpacks cannot be worn whilst riding. We recommend a small bumbag or a coat with pockets so that you can carry small items with you during the day (camera, sunscreen, lipbalm etc)
- We recommend travelling in your riding boots and carrying your hat and some riding clothes in your hand luggage - then if your luggage goes astray you are still able to ride!
- Carry a copy of your passport and insurance policy with you.

Visa & Health


British citizens: other nationalities, please contact us.

Passport validity
Your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay; you do not need any additional period of validity on your passport beyond this.

If you hold a British Citizen passport, you don’t need a visa to enter Portugal.

The rules on travel will stay the same until 31 December 2020.
Please visit for the FCO website for up-to-date information -

Addresses of consulates

  • Ambassade du Portugal
    3, rue de Noisiel
    75116 PARIS
    Tél. :
    Fax :
  • Ambassade de France
    Rua Santos-o-Velho 5
    Tél. : +351 21 393 9100
    Fax :


Make sure you take your EHIC card with you.
You will be treated on the same basis as a Portuguese resident, but you might have to make a patient contribution to the cost of your care. If you have to make such a payment, you may be able to seek reimbursement for this cost when you are back in the UK if you are not able to do so in Portugal. It is important that you ensure you are treated by a state healthcare provider, as you will not be covered for private healthcare. You should be particularly careful if the healthcare arrangements have been made by a hotel or travel representative. There are state health centres throughout the country (generally open from 0800 to 2000) where you can receive treatment for minor ailments and injuries, and major emergency hospitals in large towns which remain open throughout the night.
Even though pharmacies are well stocked, take a decent supply of medication with you, and be aware pharmacies are usually closed for two hours over lunchtime. Carry a legible prescription with you to show that you legally use the medication. If you wear glasses, take a spare pair and your prescription just in case you need to get new glasses made up quickly.

Vaccination against hepatitis B is sometimes recommended.


It is a condition of your booking with Equus Journeys that you have travel insurance which covers you for the riding activities to be undertaken. Your travel insurance should cover you for medical expenses and repatriation. Your guides will require your travel insurance details before they allow you to ride and may refuse to let you ride if you cannot provide them. You should take your insurance documents with you.


230 volts AC, 50Hz. Continental two-pin plugs are in use.

Budget and money

Portugal has adopted the Euro (EUR, symbol: €) as its official currency. One Euro is divided into 100 cents, which is sometimes referred to as eurocents, especially when distinguishing them with the US cents.
Euro banknotes come in denominations of €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, €500. The highest three denominations are rarely used in everyday transactions. All Euro banknotes have a common design for each denomination on both sides throughout the Eurozone.
The Euro coins are 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, €1 and €2. Some countries in the Eurozone have law which requires cash transactions to be rounded to the nearest 5 cents. All Euro coins have a common design on the denomination (value) side, while the opposite side may have a different image from one country to another. Although the image side may be different, all Euro coins remain legal tender throughout the Eurozone.

Telephone and jetlag

The dialling code for Portugal is +351

The time zone is GMT +1

Did you know?

Did you know?

Nuno Oliveira (1925-1989) was a Portugese riding instructor, considered as the most important master of equestrian art in the 20th century. Fuelled by a love of equestrian culture and opera music, he approached riding as a true art and devoted his time to learning and teaching lightness and the love of the horse through his clinics and writing. Hypersensitive, quick-tempered, generous, independent and a genius he is still revered amongst lovers of classical dressage.