Horse and rider with a map on a trail ride
Exploration Rides

Exploratory and Escorted riding holidays

These riding holidays are for riders with a spirit of adventure. This will be the first time that we have experienced this trail ride or pack trip and so things may go wrong! You should feel excited at the prospect of being one of the first to experience a new country, new area or new guide. Open your mind and pack your sense of humour! It is likely that you will be accompanied by a member of our team who will welcome your feedback and will be on hand if things don't quite go to plan.... If the riding trail is a success then we may feature it on our website in the future, and if it isn't then you will have plenty of stories to tell your friends!

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  • Giraffes and horses in Botswana
    Galloping with the giraffes
  • Horses and zebras in Botswana
    Meeting with zebras in Okavango delta