Horse and rider with a map on a trail ride

Horseback Travel Guide

A travel guide covering all of our destinations for trail rides, equestrian stays, dressage training courses and horse safaris.

Horseback Travel Guide @Equus Journeys

In 2005, whilst riding on the first Atacama Crossing ride in Chile, the French adventurer Anne Mariage handed the reins of Cheval d'Aventure which she had created in 1972 during a horsebackjourney in Llanos of Colombia to Christophe Leservoisier. Whilst riding alongside her on this Path of the Incas, he became aware of the spirit and the values which constitute Cheval d'Aventure and now Equus Journeys, and can be summarised in a few words: encounters, respect, curiosity, open-mindedness, riders and their horses the world over and the relationship between them.

Our desire to create new rides continues, with that same travelling soul and the same desire to share them with other curious riders around the world. It's time to start another journey again - to sit around a campfire under a sea of stars, enjoying conversations with new friends whilst the horses sigh contentedly in the darkness.

Equus Journeys Team.