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A mobile trail ride is a riding holiday where you move on almost every day. Depending on the type of journey you prefer, you could spend your nights camping or in comfortable accommodation. A horseback trail ride is usually vehicle supported - if you prefer to have your belongings carried by pack horse, camel, yak etc then we describe these as Pack Trips. Some riding trails will start and end in a different place, whilst on others you will ride a circuit and return to your starting place. There are even horseback trails that cross country borders! Whether discovering vineyards in France, volcanic icefields in Iceland, beaches in South Africa, mountains in Peru or nomadic families in Mongolia, a horseback trail ride offers a different view and experience every day.

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From the horse’s mouth

  • Desert Cavalcade
    November 2023 Kathleen aged 53
    Desert Cavalcade was a fantastic experience. The horses were very beautiful and fast. The organisation spot on. Abdel, our guide, was a superb leader and coach, he worked ceaselessly to give us a great time. He turned our chaotic crazy galloping at the beginning of the week into something resembling the fantasia (no... Read all
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  • Desert Cavalcade
    November 2023 Marissa Louise aged 65
    Where does one begin to describe this trip? Our guide, Abdel was kind, generous with his time and extremely helpful whether it was helping you to understand your horse so you could improve your riding or putting up your tent in camp! The horses were awesome! Abdel did an amazing and very thoughtful job matching us to... Read all
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  • Desert Cavalcade
    November 2023 JESSICA aged 33
    What an amazing experience – sleeping under the stars and exploring desert towns, ancient mountain passes, palmeries and dunes with a beautiful, spirited and gentle Barb/Arabian stallion, Nassim. Abdel was an amazing guide and his knowledge about and love for his horses was very inspiring. The food and organisation of... Read all
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  • Palms, Pyramids and Pharaohs
    November 2023 Elizabeth aged 63
    This was an excellent trip with so many different experiences it as hard to count! I had the chance to ride 5 different horses in different areas (and camels too!). We had WONDERFUL guides. The guides & staff took incredible care of the horses which we were all impressed by. Egyptian history, the Temples and museums... Read all
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  • The delta of Sine Saloum
    November 2023 Irma aged 55
    Simal (8 years old mare [2023]) is a very friendly and easy going horse. But that goes for all the horses as far as I can tell.
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  • Horseback trails in the Gredos Valley Spain
    Gredos Valley Trail in Spain
  • High Peaks of Sierra Nevada
    Horse riding trails in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • Horses and riders on a break during the sheep round up
    The rhyolite mountains of Landmannalaugar
  • Horse Trail riding in the Torres del Paine
    A lakeside trail in the Torres del Paine
  • Horse riding in the Atacama Desert Chile
    Riding down a sand dune