Cowboy rounding up cattle on a ranch holiday

Kara Creek ranch

Spend a week on an authentic working ranch in the American state of Wyoming, spending up to 8 hours a day in the saddle. Riding in the company of cowboys, you will learn how to move and sort cattle, and depending on the season you may have the chance to take part in a branding day or drive the cattle to their summer/winter pastures. This is a real working ranch holiday, where you will experience the practices of a modern cattle ranch and spend a week as a real Wyoming cowboy. This is the ideal ranch vacation for those who want to get a taste of the real ranching traditions of the USA and who are not afraid to get stuck in.
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Ranches and Cattle Drives
10 Days / 6 riding days
From £1,650
Open to non-riders

From the horse’s mouth

  • Kara Creek ranch
    June 2022 KATIE aged 32
    There aren't enough words to describe how amazing my trip was! The whole experience from beginning to end was just incredible. Iris at Equus Journeys understood exactly what I wanted from our first conversation and made sure to recommend ranches to me that would provide a more hands on and authentic experience, rather... Read all
  • Kara Creek ranch
    May 2019 Linda aged 62
    Kara Creek Ranch is a fantastic place to stay, people are so friendly and helpful. We loved the horses and appreciated being able to swap to another if we felt we wanted something different. It snowed while we were there for a couple of days which was most unexpected but this did not stop us riding and ended up seeing... Read all
  • Kara Creek ranch
    May 2018 Sonia aged 47
    The sign on the Saloon says arrive as guests, leave as friends ... this is soo true. What an amazing holiday, Monte and the team certainly know how to look after their guests. Its a true Ranch experience and a truly rememberable one I chose big and fast, and rode a beautiful sensitive mare called Lena ..
  • Kara Creek ranch
    July 2017 Kathryn aged 51
    A fantastic trip - a real experience. We enjoyed the whole trip from start to finish, from the delicious breakfasts, through riding excellent horses, to being trusted to have a go at the work on the ranch. Definitely recommended. Sammy the quarter horse was a real gentleman. He was super, really responsive but... Read all
  • Cowboy having roped a calf at Kara Creek ranch
    Learn from experienced wranglers at Kara Creek
  • Driving cattle at Kara Creek ranch
    Riding adventures at Kara Creek Ranch, Wyoming
  • Cowboy roping calves in the USA
    Roping calves ahead of a branding day on a ranch vacation
  • Leading cattle to drink on a US ranch vacation
    An authentic ranch holiday in the USA
  • The main house at Kara Creek ranch near Sundance, Wyoming
    Kara Creek ranch, Wyoming
  • Branding day at Kara Creek ranch
    Branding days, in the springtime, are demanding but rewarding
  • Horseback riding holiday at the Kara Creek ranch, Wyoming
    A great choice if you want to work with cattle in the USA
  • Cowboy posing in front of the Devil's Tower in Wyoming
    Ranch owner Monte posing in front of the Devil's Tower
  • Riders on horseback in Wyoming, USA
    Explore the USA on horseback - memories for a lifetime
  • Cowboys racing in Wyoming
    Enjoy occasional canters and the odd race!
  • Working cattle ranch holiday
    Not one day is the same at Kara Creek ranch
  • Group of people branding a calf in Kara Creek Ranch
    During this ranch stay you may take part in a branding day
  • Two cowboys moving cattle in Wyoming
    Riding in the company of cowboys, you will learn how to move and sort cattle



- Play an active role in the day-to-day tasks on a ranch riding over varied terrain of more than 12,000 hectares
- Ride alongside the cowboys, moving cattle, sorting and monitoring herds of more than 4000 animals
- Enjoy the freedom of riding in the vast open spaces between Wyoming and South Dakota.
- On your days off the ranch, visit the local sights (Deadwood, Sturgis, Devil's Tower, Mount Rushmore)
- Enjoy home-cooked meals every day - including delicious local steak!

    Flight to Rapid City in South Dakota (not included).

    We recommend you spend a night at a hotel in Rapid City. Make the most of the opportunity to rest up and get over your jetlag before the great week ahead of you at the ranch!

    If you arrive at the end of the afternoon a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel will be available. If you arrive earlier in the day, you will be able to explore downtown Rapid City - known for its full-scale sculptures of the American presidents.

    Please note that this night is not included in the price list. You are free to make your own plans or we can add this night to your quotation.

    Dinner to your own account.
  • Day 2 2 : RAPID CITY - RANCH

    Kara creek ranch
    After a hearty breakfast, one of the wranglers will come to collect you at the hotel at around 10:00am and drive you to the ranch. The ranch is a 2 hour drive from Rapid city, 15 minutes from Sundance in the state of Wyoming. Once at the ranch, you will have lunch with the team and in the afternoon you will explore the ranch and meet the horses.

    IMPORTANT: The following program is provided as an indication, it is by no means exhaustive but reflects all the activities in which you will be asked to participate. Your time at the ranch is dictated by the needs of livestock, as well as your expectations and your previous experience on horseback. Plans change quickly on a working ranch!

    Please remember that is a working ranch, where all riding is done with a purpose. Those looking for a more relaxed environment with trail and pleasure rides should look into guest ranches - please contact us if you are not sure, we are always happy to help!

    The springtime is a very busy time of the year. Depending on the week and the weather, you will start bringing in the cattle from the winter pastures. There will be a range of activities that will include branding, vaccinating, and castrating the young bulls. Everyone pretty much has a job depending on how well they can ride, and what they feel up to (helping with the castrations, for instance, is not something people usually volunteer to do!). The atmosphere is fantastic and everyone takes part, they might also bring in some neighbours for additional help. There will be less riding than during the Fall, but it's a great glimpse into what a real rancher's work is all about.

    The team don’t brand in the Fall, but there might be days where they work the cows or bigger cattle - meaning get them in and run through a chute and give them shots. Most of the time, you would be out riding and gathering up cattle and either taking them to winter pasture or loading on big trucks to take to market. A typical day would be get up, have breakfast at 8 and then head out for the day. Usually have lunch out on the trail and return to the ranch in the evenings for dinner and other activities. You will gather some of the cattle gradually - these would be the yearlings that are on about 10000 acres so you'll gather what you can find and put them in a holding pasture and then go back to gather more. It’s really hard to find all the cattle on 10000 acres in one day so you may go back to that location multiple times, but you do finish the job each day and get the cattle you get in the location they need to be and then go back to gather more as needed. It's a great time of the year if you'd like to ride a lot.
  • Day 3 3 : RANCH - 4-8 hours riding

    Kara creek ranch
    After breakfast, the team will provide you with all the equipment necessary for your week's riding.

    You will head to the stables with the cowboys were they will allocate your horse - if you are not familiar with western riding, don't worry! The wranglers will use this occasion to train you.

    You will then set off to see the vast ranch on horseback. You will have a chance to get to know your mount, an experienced ranch horse, that will help you with your daily tasks on the ranch. You will also be introduced to the proper way to approach and interact with the cattle.
    You will head back to the ranch late in the day and enjoy a drink at the saloon before a hearty dinner prepared by the team. Dinners are taken family-style in the main house.
  • Day 4 4 : RANCH - 4-8 hours riding

    Kara creek ranch
    The day's task might be a cattle drive. You will learn how to group the cattle and drive them smoothly in the right direction. Based on your abilities you will be asked to either herd them from the rear or to chivvy the reluctant and bring back in line those making a bid for freedom.

    As Kara Creek is an eco ranch, in order to preserve the pastures the cattle have to be moved frequently from one pasture to another. Breeding is also done in the most natural way possible and neither antibiotics nor hormones are given to the herd. If you're interested in the approaches used in eco farming, don't hesitate to ask the ranch's cowboys - they will be happy to explain them to you in more detail.

    You will head back to the ranch in the evening to enjoy another home-cooked meal.
  • Day 5 5 : RANCH - 4-8 hours riding

    Kara creek ranch
    After a hearty breakfast, today you might be driven from the ranch to herd a group Black Angus cattle that graze on one of the ranch's many grassy plains. The horses will be in the trailers while you will be riding in the pick ups to get to your destination.

    Kara Creek's vast land crosses the Wyoming/ South Dakota border, this will allow you get a sense of the changing landscape from state to state.
  • Day 6 6 : RANCH - 4-8 hours riding

    Kara creek ranch
    After another hearty home-cooked breakfast, perhaps today you will ride to new a pasture. A favourite is the land located at the foot of the Devil's Tower, a 200 metre high monolith that pierces the sky and dominates the horizon.

    Covering long distances, you will inspect the pasture to check and fix the broken fences. You will also take the opportunity to check if there are any ill or injured cows or calves, maybe you will be on the trail of an escapee or, often, having to return a neighbour's cow to their pasture!

    During the spring months, births are plentiful and some nice surprises will be waiting for you in the fields. Throughout autumn, sorting the calves from the cows will be the order of the day.

    Dinner will be had at the ranch together with all the team.
  • Day 7 7 : RANCH - 4-8 hours riding

    Kara creek ranch
    A day perhaps spent 'branding' or marking the cattle - if you are out in the spring this is an activity that you may do several times. Please note the team don't brand in the fall.

    Everyone will have a role to play, depending on how capable they feel: vaccinating, putting on ear tags, wrestling calves, ect. The more difficult and dangerous tasks, such as roping, will be carried out by the more experienced members of staff.

    After a long day, you will return to the ranch in the evening and have a dinner with all the staff.

    Please note: branding is not everyone's cup of tea but this is a real ranch experience. If you are concerned it may be a bit much for you please contact us so we can tell you more about it.
  • Day 8 8 : RANCH - 4-8 hours riding

    After breakfast, you will saddle your horse and head out to work. By now tasks, learned and repeated, will have become second nature. You might be moving the Black Angus herd from one pasture to another .You will alternate between walking at the back of the herd, pushing them forward, and then working the flank to keep them moving and prevent any reluctant cows from trying to break away.

    On your return to the ranch, you may make a detour as the wranglers show you the best views over the ranch. For your final evening meal, you will enjoy a BBQ with the team and, with a little persuasion, Monte will tell you some of his cowboy stories!

    After breakfast, you will be taken to the airport to catch your flight back home (plan a flight after 13.00)

    If you wish, it is possible to extend your stay at the ranch or explore the beautiful landscapes of South Dakota; the Black hills, Devil's tower, Deadwood, Mount Rushmore... Ask us for more information!
  • Day 10 10 : HOME

    Arrival home.

Dates & prices

Price details

- International flights are not included. The above prices are calculated on a double room basis for a 7 night stay. However, stay length is flexible and you can arrive any day you like. The minimum stay is 3 nights but you can extend it. You will receive a special discount if you choose to stay for 2 weeks. Please contact us for more information!

- The above cost does not include your first night's stay in a hotel in Rapid city. We suggest this as it will give you an opportunity to get over your jetlag so you can fully appreciate your first day on the ranch. However, to avoid the hotel fee in Rapid city, it is possible to arrive a day later and go directly to the ranch

- Return transfers from Rapid city to the ranch are not included and have to be paid for locally. Return transfer costs $200 in 2022 (cost is per car, not per person)

- Tips are compulsory in USA. The local team expects to get 15-20% of the cost of your stay.

- The ranch can host between 5 to 20 international riders at any one time.

- Non-riders are welcome and benefit from a special $1000/€900/£770 rate. Please note that the activities on the ranch as a non-rider are limited.

- There is a discount for children under 12 years old and for groups of 5 or more riders. Please ask us for more information

- Our dates are set for the spring and autumn seasons, that are very busy for cattle work. It is possible to stay at Kara Creek during the summer, however there is little cattle work that time of the year and full-day rides are not possible. This is good for families or groups with non-riders who may want a more relaxed riding schedule. Please contact us.

- An electronic travel authorisation (ESTA) is required to enter the USA. It is your responsibility to organise this. Please visit and contact us if you need help.
Please Note
The itinerary may be modified at anytime for security reasons, meteorological or events beyond our control such as blocked roads, rivers in flood, drought, strikes and local holidays. Equus Journeys, our local partners and their local guides will always strive to find the best solution and will alter the itinerary as needed.
The names of the hotels and accommodation are given for information only and depending on availability, they may be modified without notice and replaced by another of a similar standard.

Price includes

Support Team

1 English speaking ranch team


1 horse equipped with western saddle and bridle per rider


7 nights on the ranch - priced based on a shared room


Full board from lunch on day 2 to breakfast on day 9

Additional equipment

Western equipment


Activities on the ranch
Laundry facilities which are at your disposal

Price doesn't include


Beverages and personal extras
If booking your hotel night in Rapid City with us, then dinner on day 1 is not included in the price. You are free to organise it as you wish


International flights that we can book for you upon request
Return transfers by car from Rapid city to the ranch - see above
Visa fee (ESTA) - this must be arranged in advance


Tips to the local team are compulsory in the USA and represent around 15% of the cost of your stay - payable locally


Cancellation and travel insurance are not included. Please note that insurance is mandatory. We recommend taking out an insurance policy as soon as your trip is booked in case of cancellation.



Hotel accommodation in Rapid City
  • Departure Return Price without flights Price including flights Status
    20/05/2023 29/05/2023 £1,650 €1,943 $2,046 Guaranteed departure Book now
    27/05/2023 05/06/2023 £1,650 €1,943 $2,046 Guaranteed departure Book now
    03/06/2023 12/06/2023 £1,650 €1,943 $2,046 Guaranteed departure Book now
    10/06/2023 19/06/2023 £1,650 €1,943 $2,046 Guaranteed departure Book now
    17/06/2023 26/06/2023 £1,650 €1,943 $2,046 Guaranteed departure Book now
    24/06/2023 03/07/2023 £1,650 €1,943 $2,046 Guaranteed departure Book now
  • Departure Return Price without flights Price including flights Status
    02/09/2023 11/09/2023 £1,650 €1,943 $2,046 Guaranteed departure Book now
    09/09/2023 18/09/2023 £1,650 €1,943 $2,046 Guaranteed departure Book now
    16/09/2023 25/09/2023 £1,650 €1,943 $2,046 Guaranteed departure Book now
    23/09/2023 02/10/2023 £1,650 €1,943 $2,046 Guaranteed departure Book now
    30/09/2023 09/10/2023 £1,650 €1,943 $2,046 Guaranteed departure Book now
    07/10/2023 16/10/2023 £1,650 €1,943 $2,046 Guaranteed departure Book now
    14/10/2023 23/10/2023 £1,650 €1,943 $2,046 Guaranteed departure Book now
    21/10/2023 30/10/2023 £1,650 €1,943 $2,046 Guaranteed departure Book now

Equestrian info


The ranch has more than forty Quarter and Paint horses. They are trained throughout the year by the wranglers and are experienced ranch horses that are used to working with livestock. They spend the year turned out in the pastures living as a herd.

Horses on a working ranch are working horses and as such may not be looked after the way we do in the UK and Europe. However, they are healthy, happy, and love their job.

Minimum riding ability

Minimum riding ability

A trip for intermediate and experienced riders. To get the most out of this trip, you should be at ease at all paces. You should be able to trot and canter outside in an independent seat with ease.

Children under 8 can ride inside the ranch. Young riders over the age of 8, accompanied by their parents, are welcome to join in all ranch activities on the condition that they fulfil these minimum riding requirements. Please note that there are no ponies - although the Quarter Horses are generally small in size, we recommend children to be at leat 1m30 / 4ft2 unless they are used to bigger horses and confident riders.


All 3 paces are used, although the majority of interaction with the cattle is done at a walk to keep them calm. Gently trotting, or 'jogging', is often used for covering long distances.

You will spend between 4-8 hours riding, depending on the ranch activities.

Tacking ability and participation

You will be asked to groom, tack and untack your horse. Someone will on hand to help if you have never used western tack before.

You may also be asked to feed and water your horse after the day.

Trip conditions and Requested experience

Experience of Western riding and cattle work is not compulsory for this holiday. You can enjoy it without any previous experience. If you have never experienced working with cattle, it will take you 3-4 days to feel useful. That's completely normal!

Equestrian equipment

Leather straps to fix your jacket to the back of the saddle
Some saddlebags are available.
We recommend our riders to wear a helmet to the correct standard. There are no helmets at the ranch.

Travel info


Accommodation is either in a private or shared cabin (2 bedrooms) or in a double room in the house.

The main house is a communal space where you will have your meals each day. Here, you can also choose to relax in front of the fire, listen to music or play snooker. This is a home away from home and your help will be appreciated when it comes to putting away dishes and clean up after yourself. A washing machine and tumble dryer are available for you to use.

The saloon is a recent addition to the ranch and is a place where riders gather after their rides and in the evenings for a cold drink and a bit of music. Neighbours and legends from the rodeo circuit are known to stop by a few times a week!

WiFi available.


Meals are taken family-style in the dining room at the lodge.

Breakfast: hearty breakfast with eggs, crispy bacon, toast, jam.
Lunch: simple lunches of salads, pasta, sandwiches.
Dinners: typical "cowboy style" with home-raised meat, potatoes, pasta and vegetables.

If you wish to drink alcohol you will have to bring your own as the ranch doesn't have a licence to sell alcohol.


Wyoming’s outstanding features are its majestic mountains and high plains. Weather and topography have more contrast than in most other states. Surface elevations range from the summit of Gannett Peak in the Wind River Mountains, at 13,804 feet, to the Belle Fourche River Valley in the state’s northeast corner, at 3,125 feet.
Wyoming is located deep within continental North America, far from the moderating influence the oceans. Wyoming, therefore, has some long winters, but also some pleasant summers. A typical Wyoming summer day will start out bright and sunny. Clouds will appear on the western horizon about noon and thunderheads will develop mid-afternoon. Scattered, isolated thundershowers will dot the landscape in late afternoon and early evening.
Autumn in Wyoming is a pure delight. Most places will start to see snow in mid-September, but winter weather won’t start to stick until late November. For most of the two months in between, the state enjoys a special season called Indian Summer, with warm days, cool nights and spectacular colors. It’s a delightful change-of-season experience.

Guide and local team

The ranch is supervised by an environmental protection agency. The ranch's pastures and land are managed in an ecological and holistic way. The wranglers and the rest of the team are either employed or volunteers.

The team is very friendly and they do their upmost to ensure you make the most of your time on the ranch.


Tips are compulsory in USA. The local team expects to get 15-20% of the cost of your stay.

Packing list

- Equus Journeys strongly recommend that you wear a riding helmet and that you take your own to ensure a correct fit. There are many lightweight options available nowadays.
- Sunhat for when not riding
- Sunglasses - with a cord attached so they don't fly off when riding
- Buff or bandana

Upper body
- Thermals (long or short sleeved)
- Long sleeved shirts provide protection from the sun and are an extra layer
- T-shirts
- Lightweight fleece or jumper
- Warm fleece or jumper (and a spare in case one gets wet)
- Warm and waterproof jacket - it can rain at any time of year and the evenings can be particularly cold

- Lightweight, comfortable riding trousers or jodhpurs - we recommend riding in them at home before taking them on holiday to ensure they don't rub
- Thermals
- Casual trousers for the evenings, such as jeans or tracksuit bottoms

Hands and Feet
- Comfortable riding boots. We recommend western boots or short boots with half chaps but you may wish to take long chaps as an extra layer against inclement weather. We don't recommend taking your favourite long leather boots in case they get damaged.
- Waterproof shoes/boots can be useful for abundant dew in the mornings or when it rains
- Trainers or equivalent light shoes for the evenings
- Several pairs of warm, thick socks
- Gloves - your hands are particularly exposed to the sun, cold or rain whilst riding. Waterproof gloves can be particularly useful.

- Pyjamas

Other useful items
- Camera and high capacity memory card. Spare battery
- Bumbag for carrying your camera and small items whilst riding - there are no saddlebags.
- Water bottle (2 litres or 2 x 1 litre)
- Swiss army knife (or equivalent)
- Ear plugs (for light sleepers)

Medical kit
- Any medication you regularly take
- Sunscreen and lip balm - should be high factor
- Insect repellent, preferably containing deet
- Blister plasters in case of any rubs
- Antiseptic cream, plasters, aspirin, anti-histamine, insect-bite salve etc...
- Spare prescription glasses/contact lenses
- Eye drops
- Imodium or similar anti-diarrhoea medication
- Re-hydration sachets
- Water purification tablets
- Antiseptic wipes
- Handwash gel

- We recommend taking a copy of your passport and insurance documents with you in case you lose your originals
- We recommend travelling in your riding boots and carrying your hat and some riding clothes in your hand luggage - then if your luggage goes astray you are still able to ride!

Visa & Health


It is your responsibility to ensure you have the valid visa requirements for entry. We will endeavour to keep this section up to date, but please visit for further information.

You’ll need prior authorisation to enter the United States using a British passport, either through a visa, a Permanent Resident Card, or the Visa Waiver Programme. To enter the United States of America, a passport valid for the duration of stay is required by Australian, British, Canadian and other EU nationals.

Most passport holders can get an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) through the Visa Waiver Programme, which allows travel to the US for up to 90 days. Visit the official US website to apply for your ESTA:
All travellers entering the USA under the Visa Waiver Program require individual machine-readable passports. Children included on a parent's passport also require their own machine-readable passport. Travellers not in possession of machine-readable passports require a valid USA entry visa.

UK Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs) aren’t valid for entry into the United States or transit through the United States under the Visa Waiver Programme; if you’re planning to enter or transit through the US using an ETD you must apply for a visa from the nearest US embassy or consulate before you travel, or hold a valid lawful permanent resident card (often referred to as a ‘green card’), which you must have with you on arrival; you can leave the US using an ETD that has been issued in the United States

Visitors to the USA travelling under the Visa Waiver Program must obtain authorisation from the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA), a fully automated, electronic system for screening passengers before they begin travel to the USA, if arriving by air or sea. It is recommended that applications are made at least 72 hours prior to travel but you may apply at any time prior to travel. Airlines must now deny check-in to passengers without a valid ESTA. There is a US$14 fee. An ESTA is valid for two years, so if you've applied for one previously, ensure it's still valid.

When applying for ESTA-authorisation and entering the passport number, the number 0 must not be replaced by letter O as this can lead to problems upon entering the USA. The granting of an ESTA does not guarantee entry to the USA. Canadian citizens do not require an ESTA, but permanent residents of Canada who are eligible for the Visa Waiver Program must obtain one.

If you don’t qualify for entry under the VWP, and don’t have a US Permanent Resident Card, you should apply for a visa from the nearest US Embassy or Consulate before travelling.

Holders of UK passports with the endorsement British Subject, British Dependent Territories Citizen, British Protected Person, British Overseas Citizen or British National (Overseas) Citizen do not qualify for the Visa Waiver Program and need to obtain a visa.

Travelers in the following categories are no longer eligible to travel or be admitted to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP):

- Nationals of VWP countries who have traveled to or been present in Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen on or after March 1, 2011 (with limited exceptions for travel for diplomatic or military purposes in the service of a VWP country).
- Nationals of VWP countries who are also nationals of Iran, Iraq, Sudan, or Syria.

If you are travelling to the USA visa Canada, please remember you also need to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), mandatory for anyone transiting through Canada. Completing ESTA formalities do not replace your eTA.

Addresses of consulates

  • Paris | Ambassade des Etats-Unis
    2, avenue Gabriel
    75008 paris
    Tél. :
    Fax :
  • Ambassade de France aux Etats-Unis
    4101 Reservoir Road, N.W.
    20007 Washington D.C.
    Tél. : +1 (202) 944 60 00
    Fax :
  • US Embassy
    24 Grosvenor Square
    W1A 2LQ London
    Tél. : 020 7499-9000
    Fax :


There are no vaccinations required for entering the United States. If you are entering from a yellow fever endemic area (or you have been to one within 7 days of entering the country), you may be required to show proof of immunization. Recommended vaccinations include Tetanus(Lockjaw), Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. Rabies vaccinations are sometimes recommended for wilderness travel and/or wildlife volunteer projects. Lyme disease is endemic in the northeastern, Mid-Atlantic and upper Midwest areas and transmitted via blacklegged ticks.

Travel insurance that provides medical coverage is a requirement for visitors to the US. Only emergency cases are treated without prior payment and treatment may be refused without evidence of insurance or a deposit. All receipts for services rendered must be kept in order to make a claim. Medical care in the United States tends to be quite expensive, especially for emergency treatment provided in hospital settings, paid for out of pocket.


It is a condition of your booking with Equus Journeys that you have travel insurance which covers you for the riding activities to be undertaken. Your travel insurance should cover you for medical expenses and repatriation. Your guides will require your travel insurance details before they allow you to ride and may refuse to let you ride if you cannot provide them. You should take your insurance documents with you.


120 volts AC, 60Hz. Plugs have two flat pins with or without a third round grounding pin

Budget and money

The US Dollar, is the national currency of the United States. One dollar consists of 100 cents. Frequently used coins are the penny (1¢), nickel (5¢), dime (10¢) and quarter (25¢). 50¢ and $1 coins also exist, but are rarely used. Frequently used banknotes are the $1, $5, $10 and $20 notes. $2, $50 and $100 notes can also be found, but are rarely used.
Most major credit cards are accepted throughout the USA, including American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa. Visitors are advised to carry at least one major credit card, as it is common to request pre-payment or a credit card imprint for hotel rooms and car hire, even when final payment is not by credit card. Be sure to check with your card issuer for current surcharge rates imposed for use of the card outside your home country. You should also inform your issuer that you are travelling for a specified period so your card is not flagged or temporarily suspended.

Bank-issued debit cards are accepted at many businesses in the US; however, using them to pay for many travel-related expenses, such as car hire and hotel rooms, often incurs a surcharge, deposit, or a hold on your account.

Telephone and jetlag

The dialling code for the USA is +1

The country stradles a number of different time zones. Eastern Daylight time (eg. New York) is GMT -4. Mountain Daylight time (eg. Montana) is GMT -6. Pacific Daylight time (eg. California) is GMT -7.

Did you know?

Did you know?

Western riding was developed in the American West where cowboys had to work long hours on horseback. Notorious for riding one-handed, Cowboys are able to rope and catch cattle using a lasso. A lasso is a rope with a loop at one end that gets smaller when the rope is pulled.

Western riders turn their horses by using the reins on the horse's neck in addition to shifting their own weight in the saddle ("neck reining"). The horse is trained to respond to the gentle pressure this makes and can easily shift its direction from left to right at an impressive speed. The most popular breed of horses used in Western riding is the powerful American Quarter Horse. On your ranch holiday at the Kara Creek, you will very likely ride one of them! 

On the blog

Read about Equus' team member Iris' stay at Kara Creek in June 2019:

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

All of our reviews are real, honest opinions from riders who have recently travelled with us. Upon their return, our riders will receive an email inviting them to share their experiences from their trip. Good or bad, each review will be published on our website, provided that they respect our editorial guidelines.
  • KATIE aged 32 1 trip
    June 2022
    There aren't enough words to describe how amazing my trip was! The whole experience from beginning to end was just incredible. Iris at Equus Journeys understood exactly what I wanted from our first conversation and made sure to recommend ranches to me that would provide a more hands on and authentic experience, rather... Read all
    • Horses
    • Programme
    • Accommodation
    • Local guide
  • Linda aged 62 Cambridge 3 trips
    May 2019
    Kara Creek Ranch is a fantastic place to stay, people are so friendly and helpful. We loved the horses and appreciated being able to swap to another if we felt we wanted something different. It snowed while we were there for a couple of days which was most unexpected but this did not stop us riding and ended up seeing... Read all
    • Horses
    • Programme
    • Accommodation
    • Local guide
  • Sonia aged 47 Offley Marsh, Eccleshall 1 trip
    May 2018
    The sign on the Saloon says arrive as guests, leave as friends ... this is soo true. What an amazing holiday, Monte and the team certainly know how to look after their guests. Its a true Ranch experience and a truly rememberable one I chose big and fast, and rode a beautiful sensitive mare called Lena ..
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  • Kathryn aged 51 Warrington 1 trip
    July 2017
    A fantastic trip - a real experience. We enjoyed the whole trip from start to finish, from the delicious breakfasts, through riding excellent horses, to being trusted to have a go at the work on the ranch. Definitely recommended. Sammy the quarter horse was a real gentleman. He was super, really responsive but... Read all
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