Horse riding holidays and trail rides in Europe

Riding holidays in Europe offer many different experiences: tolting across the lava fields of Iceland or learning high school dressage movements in Spain or Portugal; trail rides through vineyards in France or mountains in Spain; beach rides in Menorca or riding trails through snow in Finland. There are a multitude of horses to discover too - characterful Icelandics, athletic Lusitano's, expressive Andalucians and laid-back Haflingers to name just a few... Whether you want to relax in one place, move on every night or camp in remote locations, there is a riding holiday in Europe to suit everyone.
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From the horse’s mouth

  • Classical Dressage in Portugal
    June 2024 Frederikke aged 26
    Had the pleasure of riding Garcia, Caramelo and Jozedo who were all incredibly well kept, talented and happy horses, very suitable to teach the proper riding (signals, position etc.) to the rider, as they knew all exercises (flying changes, passage, piaffe, spanish walk, half pass etc.) but would only do them when... Read all
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  • The Krka Trail
    June 2024 Heather aged 45
    I rode Lilly and she was perfect for me. I was also impressed with how well the horses are cared for and their overall condition. This ride is challenging for the horses and I have so much respect for how they handled everything, from climbing mountains to galloping, to walking through any obstacle.
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  • The Kjolur Trail
    June 2024 Estel
    The Kjolur Trail was a bit of a last minute trip booked with the help of Iris. It was a truly exhilarating experience to ride with a herd of free horses. I particularly enjoyed riding in the front, helping contain the herd and keeping up with the pace (I wish I had more time in the front). We had over 90 horses and we... Read all
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  • The Benasque Valley trail
    June 2024 FRANCES ANN aged 71
    I cannot imagine having a better experience. This was my first equestrian trip abroad. No one could imagine the beauty of the Benasque Valley. I was in awe constantly. The owner, Alvar, was so accommodating and our guide Raúl, was excellent, knowledgeable and fun! They selected horses for each of us that were so... Read all
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  • The Benasque Valley trail
    June 2024 Josephine aged 79
    Thank you Equus for recommending the perfect trip for us. Our guides could not have done more - finding each rider the perfect horse - helping and encouraging us at all times. Perhaps the Benasque valley is one of the most beautiful places on earth 🤗 I rode Nemat - very experienced, sure footed 15hh (big pony)….happy,... Read all
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  • Horseback in Toscany
    Swim with horse in Toscany
  • Italy and horse dressage
    Dressage in Tuscany, Italy
  • Horseback trail in Sardania
    On horseback in the dunes in Sardania
  • Spain and hicgh school dressage riding
    High School dressage riding, Spain
  • Riders on spain beach
    Cantering on spain beach
  • island by horse
    Horse riding in Island
  • Pyrénées mountains and horses
    Counter in Pyrénées mountains
  • Horses and riders in Azores
    On the Azores Wild Coast