Horse riding holidays and trail rides in Europe

Riding holidays in Europe offer many different experiences: tolting across the lava fields of Iceland or learning high school dressage movements in Spain or Portugal; trail rides through vineyards in France or mountains in Spain; beach rides in Menorca or riding trails through snow in Finland. There are a multitude of horses to discover too - characterful Icelandics, athletic Lusitano's, expressive Andalucians and laid-back Haflingers to name just a few... Whether you want to relax in one place, move on every night or camp in remote locations, there is a riding holiday in Europe to suit everyone.
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From the horse’s mouth

  • The Benasque Valley trail
    September 2023 JANE aged 62
    This was the most amazing week and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering a riding holiday. The guides create a relaxing friendly atmosphere but area always vigilant and safety is their priority. The riding is challenging but not impossible and at a level where you feel challenged but not overwhelmed. The... Read all
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  • The Benasque Valley trail
    September 2023 Jane aged 71
    If you love horses and mountains and relish long days with both, this is THE trip to choose! This was my best ever experience, and I'm so glad I chose it. The experience was enhanced by our superbly professional, hard-working and simpatico guides, Alvar and Raoul, and their excellent and well cared-for herd of horses,... Read all
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  • The Benasque Valley trail
    September 2023 MAGDALENA aged 36
    A wonderful trail in the beautiful High Pyrenees! Even though I just got back into the saddle after a long break, I felt safe at all times, thanks to my extremely well-behaved horse and our two guides, who genuinely care about their guests. The trail offers stunning mountain views. Even though some of the terrain is... Read all
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  • Border to Coast trail
    August 2023 Justine aged 31
    I was thoroughly impressed by the overall quality of the "Border to Coast" trip. Initially a bit put off by the price compared to some of the other rides in faraway places, I quickly understood that it was well justified by the better-than-nice accommodation and meals included in the fare. The horses are all-round... Read all
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  • The Lofoten Islands of Norway
    August 2023 GEMMA
    The horse trail trip was an unparalleled experience. Galloping beneath towering mountains with the vast sea beside us. Riding strong, beautiful horses across such dramatic landscapes was an exhilarating experience. Watching ethereal glow of the aurora borealis was nothing short of mesmerizing. The beautiful horses... Read all
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  • Horseback in Toscany
    Swim with horse in Toscany
  • Italy and horse dressage
    Dressage in Tuscany, Italy
  • Horseback trail in Sardania
    On horseback in the dunes in Sardania
  • Spain and hicgh school dressage riding
    High School dressage riding, Spain
  • Riders on spain beach
    Cantering on spain beach
  • island by horse
    Horse riding in Island
  • Pyrénées mountains and horses
    Counter in Pyrénées mountains
  • Horses and riders in Azores
    On the Azores Wild Coast