Cowboy driving a herd of horses in Montana
Horse Drive

Horse drives and ranch adventures

A horse drive holiday is the opportunity to see horses in their natural environment and discover a new way of working with them. As you move the herds from their winter to their summer pastures, experience what is feels like to be a cowboy and learn new skills, with the opportunity to try your hand at roping! Horse drives are usually faster than cattle drives and provide a fantastic experience for competent riders looking for some adventurous fun. Reconnect with nature and discover an authentic lifestyle during a horse drive riding holiday.

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From the horse’s mouth

  • Montana Horse Drives & Horse weeks
    October 2020 Ramona aged 43
    It was a once in a lifetime experience. The most freedom I ever felt when riding a horse. Great horses, well treated and I was able to ride three different ones throughout the week.
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  • Silver Spur Horse Drive
    August 2018 Ailie aged 53
    I booked this trip as it was top of my bucket list, something that I have wanted to since I was about 12. Equus Journeys was extremely helpful with all my arrangements, both by email and telephone, to travel to Silver Spur Ranch and my extended trip around Yellowstone. I had a holiday of a lifetime and the Ranch more... Read all
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  • Ranch stay Silver Spur and horse drive in The USA
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  • Horse drive in Idaho
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