Cowboy driving a herd of horses in Montana
Horse Drive

Horse drives and ranch adventures

A horse drive holiday is the opportunity to see horses in their natural environment and discover a new way of working with them. As you move the herds from their winter to their summer pastures, experience what is feels like to be a cowboy and learn new skills, with the opportunity to try your hand at roping! Horse drives are usually faster than cattle drives and provide a fantastic experience for competent riders looking for some adventurous fun. Reconnect with nature and discover an authentic lifestyle during a horse drive riding holiday.

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From the horse’s mouth

  • Montana Horse Drives & Horse weeks
    April 2024 Juliette Alexandra aged 60
    Wonderful authentic experience driving horses through stunning Wyoming and Montana! The trip of a lifetime. Great to spend time with and learn from the wranglers from the ranch and meet new friends to share the ride. We rode different horses. Enjoyed some more than others. Overall the quality was good
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  • Montana Horse Drives & Horse weeks
    October 2020 Ramona aged 43
    It was a once in a lifetime experience. The most freedom I ever felt when riding a horse. Great horses, well treated and I was able to ride three different ones throughout the week.
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  • Silver Spur Horse Drive
    August 2018 Ailie aged 53
    I booked this trip as it was top of my bucket list, something that I have wanted to since I was about 12. Equus Journeys was extremely helpful with all my arrangements, both by email and telephone, to travel to Silver Spur Ranch and my extended trip around Yellowstone. I had a holiday of a lifetime and the Ranch more... Read all
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  • Ranch stay and horse drive in Idaho USA
    Horses at dusk captured during your ranch holiday in Idaho
  • Ranch stay Silver Spur and horse drive in The USA
    An authentic western riding experience in Idaho
  • Horse drive in Idaho
    Learn how to move horses to new pastures
  • Cowboy in Wyoming, USA
    Ride western and explore the surroundings of the ranch