Rider and pack horses in Yukon, Canada
Pack Trip

Expeditions and Pack Trips

Pack trips are real horseback adventures and journeys. Long trail rides where your belongings are often transported by pack animals such as horses, yaks or camels, enable you to reach isolated areas, forgotten high valleys and meet local people and learn about their traditions. These rides often involve camping as you venture off the beaten track and will have to pack light. You might be expected to help with the horses or to help around camp as well, so these adventurous riding holidays are for riders with a sense of adventure. Having pack animals with you means that these horseback trails are not fast and so it is often possible for novice riders to also enjoy the sense of freedom these trail rides offer.

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From the horse’s mouth

  • Wild Yukon
    July 2022 Veronica aged 48
    This in the many rides I have done is definitely one of the best ever as it is actually not a ride but a pure adventurous expedition. The riding is a minor component of the whole life experience to be utterly and uncompromisingly into the Big Wild. You have to be willing and prepared to get lost in this immense wild... Read all
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  • Border to Coast trail
    September 2021 Adele aged 67
    A really good ride and I felt that it compares well to rides around the world. A good selection of horses for different abilities: the ride is not technically difficult, but is fairly fast. The scenery is amazing, and the beach at Borth is perfect for long gallops.
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  • Languedoc Roussillon - High Lakes in the Pyrenees
    July 2021 Brooke aged 64
    I would say that that trip was the best of the pack trips I have taken anywhere before. Everything was top notch. Horses, tack, food , equipment, accommodations. Sylvain thought of everything and his attention to detail was incredible. I’m a stickler for horse management which sometimes falls short on these long... Read all
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  • Languedoc Roussillon - High Lakes in the Pyrenees
    July 2021 Silke aged 50
    Very well organized trip, friendly and well trained horses, gear and horses in best condition, good food - wow was that good food!!!! Alegria, a Cheval Mérens. A typical mare (:D needed love and a good scratch now and then), very eager and respectful. Powerhorse.
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  • The Kham Riders (Shamalong Festival)
    July 2020 Mark aged 45
    We had a great holiday thanks. Everything was wonderful – the horses, the horsemen, the food and especially Tashi (guide / translator) who was excellent. The stay at the Ecolodge was also lovely. Angela and her team do a great job.The weather on day one wasn't great but we quickly forgot about that and the weather... Read all
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