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Beach trail rides and riding holidays

Are you looking for a leisurely stroll along an exotic beach? An exhilarating canter by the ocean? Or perhaps one of your dreams is to swim with your horse in the sea? Our beach rides offer a large variety of riding and activities on horseback, with something for everyone. Cross rivers and estuaries, watch out for dolphins or whales, and enjoy a spectacular riding experience. Sun, sea and sand - a beach riding holiday is a hard one to beat!

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From the horse’s mouth

  • The Lofoten Islands of Norway
    May 2024 Kari aged 65
    The guides, Claire and Ylze were excellent and made the trip fun and beyond expectations. Hruppur was the best! So smooth and responsive.
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  • The delta of Sine Saloum
    March 2024 Jane aged 66
    A fabulous all round experience, a lovely country, horses, people. Food was excellent and a great cultural experience. Fun too, swimming in the sea with horses. Was told my horse Banyaa was very kind, and indeed she was. Safe but forward.
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  • Coast to Coast Ride
    March 2024 Karen aged 65
    Pacific coast - Bronca - lovely little horse little bit lean but fit as a fiddle - Staney that owned horses and was our guide is one in a million - brilliant. Arenal Volcano - Rosa - lovely mare and tried her hardest but very lame which meant I could not canter or trot with the rest of the group - owner seemed... Read all
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  • Coast to Coast Ride
    March 2024 Michelle Jane aged 57
    Unfortunately due to the disorganisation of our main guide & the lack of her riding experience, along with the sub stand food & accommodation, I am very disappointed with my experience. Julie small but good ride, forward & sure footed JR Arenal area ride very unhappy & tottery, apparently had something like navicular... Read all
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  • Virgin beaches of Andalucía
    March 2024 Natasha aged 53
    A lovely riding holiday in an unspoiled part of Spain with varied scenery – from beaches to canyons to green valleys. Confident and happy horses – so well trained that most are ridden bitless. Good pace – with long canters, as well as “don’t stop” sequences of trots and canters. Every lunch is a scenic picnic with... Read all
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  • Riders on the beach in France, Atlantic coast
    Emotions run high after a long canter along the beach
  • Horse riding holiday in Mozambique
    A sense of freedom.
  • Horse riding holiday in Mozambique
    Miles and miles of unspoilt beaches
  • Wild Coast beach horseback trail ride
    Horseback riding in South Africa
  • Horseback riding in South Africa
    Exceptional beach rides along the Wild Coast