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Equestrian traditions

  • Equestrian traditions - Europe

    Europe's history is linked to the horse - firstly as a war horse and then prized amongst royals. Horses were used for working the land, for transport, for demonstrations of prowess whilst bull fighting or performing high school dressage movements. The variety of different breeds is testamount to the multitude of ways in which the horse was fundamental in improving Europe's status in the world.

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  • Cattle work on a US ranch

    Equestrian traditions - America

    The land of cowboys and rodeos, America is full of equestrian traditions. Linking into these traditions, which originated from the large cattle ranches, they have their own specific breeds which are ideally suited to the work they require - Quarter horses in North America and Criollos in South America.

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  • Bedouin and horse in Oman

    Equestrian traditions - Arabic countries

    In North Africa and the Middle East, the horse is revered. Traditional Bedouin and Berber tribes relied on their horses as much as their camels and their horses were considered part of the family with highly prized animals being kept inside the tents to keep them safe. The region is home to fascinating equestrian traditions and a rich horse culture.

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  • Rider and Marwari horse, Rajasthan

    Equestrian traditions - Asia

    Asia is considered to be the birthplace of the modern horse, and the ancient Przewalski horse still roams free in parts of Mongolia. In Asia horses are still an integral part of everyday life and are used as working animals, for riding and for pulling carts and ploughs. In parts of Asia mares are still milked for traditional drinks and nomadic families rely on their animals.

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  • Sunset in Africa, Kalahari desert

    Equestrian traditions - Africa

    Worldwide the horse is revered - ridden, worked, respected and cared for - and riding horses is central to all of our holidays. Equus Journeys believes that it is important to inject local equestrian traditions into the heart of our travels. In each meeting with local horsemen, you will gain insight into the long history of man and horse.

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