Trail ride through South America on horseback
Central and South America

Join a trail ride or riding holiday in South America

The Conquistadors brought horses to South America and each country has its own variation on the Criollo breed - the traditional South American working horse. Variety is the spice of life and the enormity of the continent offers plenty of that! From trail rides through the spectacular scenery of Argentina and Chile, to the high Andes of Peru and Ecuador and on to the fertile valleys of Cuba; or riding holidays from comfortable estancias with the chance to play polo. South America is always colourful and vibrant.
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From the horse’s mouth

  • Coast to Coast Ride
    March 2024 Karen aged 65
    Pacific coast - Bronca - lovely little horse little bit lean but fit as a fiddle - Staney that owned horses and was our guide is one in a million - brilliant. Arenal Volcano - Rosa - lovely mare and tried her hardest but very lame which meant I could not canter or trot with the rest of the group - owner seemed... Read all
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  • Coast to Coast Ride
    March 2024 Michelle Jane aged 57
    Unfortunately due to the disorganisation of our main guide & the lack of her riding experience, along with the sub stand food & accommodation, I am very disappointed with my experience. Julie small but good ride, forward & sure footed JR Arenal area ride very unhappy & tottery, apparently had something like navicular... Read all
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  • Crossing the Andes at Aconcagua
    January 2024 HILARY aged 35
    I had a wonderful trip! Can’t wait for another!!
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  • Coast to Coast Ride
    January 2023 Stephen aged 66
    A fun way to see many aspects of the country. We generally rode for 2-3 hours per day, one day was about 4 hours total. This is not a wilderness trip, most riding is along streets and country roads, with a little time along trails or on the beach. The horses were responsive and fun to ride. Lots of chances for... Read all
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  • Volcanoes and Haciendas
    December 2022 ALEXANDRA aged 47
    This ride had so many incredibly wonderful facets to it. Firstly, there was the warm welcome by the hosts on this grand, dairy working farm. The majestic splendour of the hacienda and its old-world charm delighted at every turn; equestrian touches which were thoughtful and sophisticated. It was difficult to peel... Read all
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  • Horseback trail in Ecuador
    Chagra riding an alpaca, Ecuador
  • Argentina and Polo
    Playing polo in Argentina
  • Horse riding trail in chilean patagonia
    On horseback at Torrel del Paine national park
  • Uruguay on horseback
    Riding on the beach in Uruguay