Experienced riders on a trail ride in Egypt
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Fast-paced trail rides around the world

For experienced riders only! Discover our selection of fast-paced rides, where you can expect long canters and gallops. These rides are not for the faint of heart, but those who enjoy a faster pace are in for a treat. On fit, forward-going horses, embark on a fun and satisfying riding experience along sandy beaches, wide open plains, or endless deserts.

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From the horse’s mouth

  • Palms, Pyramids and Pharaohs
    November 2023 Elizabeth aged 63
    This was an excellent trip with so many different experiences it as hard to count! I had the chance to ride 5 different horses in different areas (and camels too!). We had WONDERFUL guides. The guides & staff took incredible care of the horses which we were all impressed by. Egyptian history, the Temples and museums... Read all
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  • Jordan Explorer - From Petra to Wadi rum
    October 2023 Meredith aged 30
    A spectacular ride and one not to be missed! A perfectly organised trip and Eid & his team were great during the ride period. The views were beyond stunning and the camps were also so picturesque. The horses were fantastic - I had Aicha who was a super fun forward ride. A love of jogging but she was perfect! She could... Read all
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  • The Krka Trail
    October 2023 Janine aged 40
    Fun ride with plenty of pace, incredible hospitality and amazing horses. Pegasus, 4.5 year old Thoroughbred. Very sweet natured horse who I really enjoyed riding, amazingly comfortable paces but I think he needs a little more time to mature in both body and mind.
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  • The Krka Trail
    September 2023 Alina aged 28
    The Krka Trail in Croatia was an amazing experience! The scenery was very beautiful and it was great to get to explore the country on horseback. My horse was absolutely perfect for me! He was very friendly, fit and forward-going and we had so much fun! Food and accommodation were also very good and our guide and all... Read all
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  • Across the Devetaki Plateau
    September 2023 Natasha aged 52
    A great riding trip with lovely unspoiled scenery, cute hotels, fresh, plentiful and varied food and seemingly unlimited good local wine. Guides and the rest of the team a real pleasure and fun to be with, always happy and keen to accommodate. But most of all the horses - calm, fit, surefooted, not lazy, always happy... Read all
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  • Rhodopes on horseback
    Cantering in the Rhodopes