Experienced riders on a trail ride in Egypt
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Fast-paced trail rides around the world

For experienced riders only! Discover our selection of fast-paced rides, where you can expect long canters and gallops. These rides are not for the faint of heart, but those who enjoy a faster pace are in for a treat. On fit, forward-going horses, embark on a fun and satisfying riding experience along sandy beaches, wide open plains, or endless deserts.

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From the horse’s mouth

  • The Krka Trail
    September 2022 Richard aged 54
    A fantastic trip. Nothing was too much trouble and we were looked after completely from arrival to departure. Horses were healthy and cared for and performed well over many different terrains. Stunning scenery, swimming, fast galloping and made some great new friends. Finished off with a great drone video capturing a... Read all
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  • The Krka Trail
    June 2022 Silvia aged 32
    We enjoyed a fast and scenic trail through croatia. The national parks were stunning, the horses well behaved and Bosko made a drone video as a wonderful memory of this trip for us. Overall, I highly recommend this trail for experienced riders who don`t mind the heat ;-) After a horse change (thanks Iris ;-) I got the... Read all
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  • Riding in the Thrace Empire
    May 2022 Shirley aged 72
    Such an amazing experience could not have gone better, Alex and his family looked after us so well we could ask them anything! I said my seat bones were a bit sore and the next day Maria had put a second sheeepskin on my saddle! The picnics in the forests were delicious, the hotels and mineral spas lush, the... Read all
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  • Jordan Explorer - From Petra to Wadi rum
    November 2021 Victoria aged 32
    It really was an outstanding trip! Every part of the trip was great from the pre departure, arrival, Petra, the horses, the pace of riding, the landscape, our guides, the food was delicious, all the kit was great, the trip to the Dead Sea was a fun way to finish the trip - can't wait to book my next one! Many thanks... Read all
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  • Horses, Dunes and Nomads
    October 2021 Martina aged 57
    This trip was a last minute decision, because our first choice wasn´t available. It was my first time in Morocco, and now I can´t understand why I needed so long to go there. There was naturally a lot of walking, but were terrain allowed, there were trots and canters and some of the most amazing gallops I experienced... Read all
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  • Horseback safari in botswana
    Gallop in the Selinda Spillway
  • Horse riding safari in Kenya and Botswana
    Mara Delta combo safari
  • Rhodopes on horseback
    Cantering in the Rhodopes