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CANADA Why Go There?

Horse riding trails in Canada are for adventurous riders seeking an unforgettable holiday. Ride remote trails through glacial valleys and dramatic mountain landscapes, following paths once used by trappers but today only traversed by wildlife - caribou, moose or even wolves. If you are lucky you may see them, as well as grizzly bears, lynx, beavers and osprey.


  • Great photo opportunities in the wilderness
    Horseback expedition in the Yukon, Canada
  • Breath taking scenery along your trail ride in Yukon
    Horseback expedition in the Yukon, Canada
  • An idyllic camping spot in Wild Yukon
    Horseback expedition in the Yukon, Canada
  • Boarding the float plane in The Yukon
    Seaplane on a lake in Yukon
  • Sitting around the camp fire
    Horseback trails in Canada through the Yukon

Country key facts

Official name: Canada
Capital: Ottawa
Population: 35.2 million (2013)
Population density: 3.5 per sq km.
Area: 9,984,670 sq km (3,855,102 sq miles).
Language: There are two official languages across all of Canada: English and French. Spoken French is mostly limited to the province of Quebec, although even in Quebec, especially in Montreal, travellers will find English is widely spoken.
Religion: Around 70% of the population belong to the Christian faith; over half are Roman Catholic, followed by the United Church of Canada and Anglican denominations. There are numerous other active denominations and religions.
Political regime: Constitutional monarchy
Head of state: HM Queen Elizabeth II, represented by Governor General David Johnston since 2010.
Head of government: Prime Minister Stephen Harper since 2006.

Social and economic data



Population, culture and traditions

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Did You Know?

Canada is the second largest country in the world. It has a varied landscape, with majestic mountains, rolling plains, forested valleys and beautiful blue rivers and lakes. Canada's remote north and extensive forests are home to many animals including bears, wolves deer, mountain lions, beavers and otters. The country's lakes and rivers contain about 20 percent of all the fresh water on Earth and are full of trout and salmon.

There are as many as  41 national parks protecting native wildlife in the country: it is a paradise for nature lovers and for those who want to explore it from the saddle. There are multiple different riding activities in this region.  For a family horseback holiday  the Three Bars Ranch offers guests opportunities to explore the Rocky Mountains on horseback, whereas non-riders can enjoy other activities. If you are  a rider interested in a more adventurous experience in "Québec" (the French-speaking part of Canada), then the Cavalcade in Gaspesie trail ride at "the end of the world" would be a perfect ride for you. Last but not least, the Wild Yukon horseback pack trip will take you into the most remote places of Canada, close to the frontier with Alaska!

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