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Trail rides, ranches and cattle drives in North America

North America is synonymous with the cowboy. Whether you've always dreamt of being a cowboy on a quarter-horse or an Indian on an Appaloosa, a horse riding holiday in the USA can make your dreams come true. There are many ranch holidays to choose from depending on your preference for cattle drives, trail rides or natural horsemanship. North America has more to offer than Western riding holidays however - you can also explore the wilds of Yukon on a pack trip or join a trail ride in beautiful national parks- the choice is yours.
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From the horse’s mouth

  • Chico Basin Cattle Ranch Colorado
    April 2023 Anna aged 39
    I absolutely loved every minute at Chico Basin Ranch,it's a complete raw immersion into real ranch life. I was immediately welcomed as part of the 'Chico Crew'and experienced everything the team do to keep the 87,000 acre ranch running on rails. We sorted pairs (new mums and calves) to be moved to new pasture, moved... Read all
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  • Chico Basin Cattle Ranch Colorado
    October 2022 Danielle aged 43
    Honestly faultless service from initial enquiry through to travel. Always accessible, friendly and helpful. All horses very steady, and certainly quieter horses on the ranch for guests which is needed. Excellent throughout.
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  • Three Bars Ranch
    August 2022 EVA aged 46
    We had an amazing experience in Canada and all the help from Equus Journeys made everything very easy. The Ranch, the horses and the people were all amazing. Then all the trails with their views was so much better than expected. Everyday was a new adventure! My horse was Bently and he was exactly what I wanted. Being... Read all
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  • Three Bars Ranch
    August 2022 LINN aged 30
    I had a lovely time at Tree Bars Ranch, the people and the horses were all great. The wranglers were early helpful and had a lot of fun conversations with you during your rides, breaks and dinner time. They also found different trails so never had to do the same trail twice. They also took into consideration to what... Read all
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  • Zapata Ranch
    July 2022 NORAH aged 59
    Zapata Ranch is located in a beautiful, awe inspiring setting. Surrounded by mountains but with the plains stretching out in all directions. This location gives you a little of everything. Heidi was a very patient horse, allowing me time to adjust to "western" riding. But she did have speed when asked for.
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