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Equus Journeys specialise in equestrian traditions and offer trail rides and riding holidays around the world. With us, travel the world and discover the Marwari horses of India, step in the boots of the US cowboys and help them in their work, ride with the Butteri of Italy or discover the Berber culture of southern Morocco. We have the right riding holiday for any rider and will be pleased to advise you on the best possible options for you, your family and your friends.

Equus Journeys is staffed by an international, friendly team of horse riding holiday specialists.  We have travelled far and wide from India to Botswana, Albania to Ireland, Montana to Mongolia, and much more!
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  • Spectacular Three Park Trail (10 days)
    September 2023 Athina aged 32
    A wonderful experience of the many varieties of the nature around the Bryce, Zion and Grand Canyon area! The horse, ride and guides (some true cowboys) were fantastic! Patchy - she was a great horse, very strong and a kind character, even though she had quiet some go!
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  • The Benasque Valley trail
    September 2023 JANE aged 62
    This was the most amazing week and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering a riding holiday. The guides create a relaxing friendly atmosphere but area always vigilant and safety is their priority. The riding is challenging but not impossible and at a level where you feel challenged but not overwhelmed. The... Read all
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  • The Benasque Valley trail
    September 2023 Jane aged 71
    If you love horses and mountains and relish long days with both, this is THE trip to choose! This was my best ever experience, and I'm so glad I chose it. The experience was enhanced by our superbly professional, hard-working and simpatico guides, Alvar and Raoul, and their excellent and well cared-for herd of horses,... Read all
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  • The Benasque Valley trail
    September 2023 MAGDALENA aged 36
    A wonderful trail in the beautiful High Pyrenees! Even though I just got back into the saddle after a long break, I felt safe at all times, thanks to my extremely well-behaved horse and our two guides, who genuinely care about their guests. The trail offers stunning mountain views. Even though some of the terrain is... Read all
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  • Alsace - Explore the Alsace mountains
    September 2023 Jucelia aged 35
    The first ride my guide gave me a not suitable horse for me, however he was very keen to change it after the ride and offered a different horse to suits me best.
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