Dressage rider doing dressage movements at Alcainça in Portugal
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Dressage and Instructional Riding Holidays

On an Instructional riding holiday a good instructor and well-schooled horse can help you to improve your riding skills. Whether your interest lies in classical dressage or western riding; endurance or natural horsemanship; learning to play polo or simply improving your basic riding skills, there's a riding holiday to suit you. Classical dressage holidays are usually arena based, but learning to ride Western or experiencing your first endurance ride are generally done out on the riding trail. Improve your natural horsemanship skills on a ranch holiday in USA, practice piaffe and passage on a dressage holiday in Spain or experience the thrill of jumping cross country fences on a riding holiday in Ireland.

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From the horse’s mouth

  • Epona - High School Classical Dressage
    September 2019 Julie aged 50
    Epona Equestrian Centre was just fabulous. Vivy, Fernando, Jane and Paz couldn't have made it more special. What a lovely friendly team, what fantastic horses and amazing tuition. I loved every minute of it and will definitely be returning. They were all beautiful. Superbly schooled and impeccably behaved.
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  • Epona - High School Classical Dressage
    July 2018 Lesley aged 62
    Once again Epona was a fantastic place to be. Fantastic stallions to ride, superb coaching from Vivi and Rafael Soto and a warm welcome from all the family and staff at Epona. It really is 'home from home' for me and have already booked my next trip Naranjero - gorgeous but slightly quirky stallion. Find the right... Read all
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  • Epona - High School Classical Dressage
    February 2018 Lesley aged 62
    As usual, Epona was a welcoming place. Excellent horses and excellent training. Food at Epona is as good as any decent restaurant too. Both Naranjuelo and Centello are relatively new to Epona. Both had good work ethics. Centello is a bit of a worrier but works well with sensitive riding
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  • Epona - High School Classical Dressage
    October 2017 Rebecca
    The Epona visit was very organized and the staff was great The horse they chose for me was very talented. The staff and Raphael Soto said my horse was the favorite. Super!
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  • Epona - High School Classical Dressage
    March 2017 Lesley aged 61
    Fantastic people. well schooled horses and a lot of 'lightbulb' moments during and after sessions. Very impressed with everything again Line & Habanero - both beautifully schooled and willing
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  • Classical dressage training in Andalusia
    Riding holiday in Epona High School Classical Dressage
  • Epona Train and Trail
    Classical dressage training and trails in Andalucia
  • Improving dressage in Portugal
    Under the watchful eye of the Alcainca instructor
  • Riding in Tuscany, Italy
    Classical dressage training in Tuscany
  • Horseback safari and endurance in Namibia
    Okapuka endurance riding safari