Tents at Macatoo Camp, Botswana
Centre based holidays

Centre-based Riding Holidays

A riding holiday based at a centralised accommodation, with horseback rides in different directions each day which can be adapted to differing riding levels and to your wishes. You can unpack and relax, knowing you return to the same place each night and even sit out a day and rest if you prefer. It is an ideal opportunity to share a horseback holiday with your family, as a couple or amongst friends, without wondering whether non-riders will get bored, novice riders will be overly challenged or experienced riders will be frustrated. If you wish your centre-based riding holiday to include another element such as dressage instruction or cattle work then you may wish to browse those sections of our website too, or call us for advice. There is a riding holiday to suit everyone.

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From the horse’s mouth

  • Beaches of Camargue
    April 2023 Stefanie aged 31
    Exploring the stunning Camargue on horseback was a truly unforgettable experience! From galloping along white sandy beaches to trotting through the marshlands dotted with grey Camargue horses to watching the French cowboys, the Gardians, work with the black Camargue bulls...every moment was pure magic! The combination... Read all
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  • Flexible riding programme at Galiny Palace
    November 2022 Stephen aged 56
    The horses, instruction, facilities and accommodation at Galiny are first class. Friendly and helpful hotel staff look after you while at the stables you are encouraged to get involved with grooming and tack. The instructors encourage sensitive riding with an informed technical approach. We rode several different... Read all
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  • Ants Lodges
    November 2022 Lucy Dominique aged 39
    A lovely place to stay. The two week old baby rhino, Commander, was an absolute hilight and so bold and curious with the horses! Riding out with Ant was fast paced and fun for the more experienced among us. I rode three different horses at Ant’s nest. All were forward going, polite and tough, tackling any tricky... Read all
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  • Horizon ranch
    October 2022 Gabriella aged 23
    I went to Horizon on a solo trip and had the best time. All the people and the horses were great and the flow of each day was so well executed and thought through. The reserve was big and there was so much to see, not just animals but the NATURE and the VIEWS. I will hold this experience and this place close to my... Read all
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  • Riding with Tuscan Cowboys
    September 2022 CATHERINE aged 62
    The trip to Il Cornacchino was absolutely SUPERB! Heaven on earth - not only excellent horse riding on very responsive but safe horses but excellent and healthy food every day and the wine was good too!
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