Riders on a riding holiday in Hungary, Europe

Maja's farm adventures

On this flexible riding holiday you will be riding through open plains, sandy hills and crossing beautiful forests in Hungary. You will have the opportunity to explore Kiskunság National Park and its landscapes which are ideal for long canters! This is a stationary holiday, based at your guide Maja’s farm, complete with a a sauna and hot tub: the perfect way to relax after a long riding day. This centre equestrian short break in Hungary is suitable for riders looking for a shorter riding adventure.
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Centre based holidays
5 days/3 days riding
From £625

From the horse’s mouth

  • Maja's farm adventures
    August 2023 Liliane aged 63
    Maja's Farm in Hungary is a lovely place. Maja cares about her horses, knows what she is about, treats them with respect and care. When the temperature went up to 37 degrees she just changed the schedule and made sure we got the most out of our trip. A very levelheaded horse whose trot and canter have me ample... Read all
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    Unforgettable long canters!
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    Getting ready for your trail ride!
  • Group of riders cantering across the Puszta Plains
    Enjoy fast canters across the Puszta Plains
  • Riders cantering across a field of flowers in bloom
    Spring is a popular time on the Puszta Plains Trail
  • Riders on a riding holiday in Hungary, Europe
    You stay at your guide Maja's farm, but also in beautiful charming hotels
  • Horse and rider on a riding holiday in Hungary
    The horses are a mixture of Hungarian warmbloods, sport horses, Furioso and Kisberi.
  • Trail riding across the Puszta Plains in Hungary
    The flat terrain is ideal for a trail ride
  • Group of riders on the Puszta Plains Trail
    Trail riding in Hungary
  • An active trail riding holiday in Hungary
    This is an active trail ride: you need to be fit and in good physical condition.



- Explore Kiskunság National Park
- Enjoy the comfortable accommodation at Maja’s farm
- There is an opportunity to watch a traditional Hungarian horse display at a local Lipizzaner stud
  • Day 1 1: BUDAPEST - PUSZTA - No riding

    Maya's Farm
    Flights to Budapest are not included. You should arrive between 1:30 pm and 5:30 pm if possible.

    You will be transferred from the airport to the farm. At the farm you will be met by your guide who will show you around and talk to you about your ability and horse preferences.

    Dinner and night at the farm.
  • Day 2 2: RIDING ON THE FARM - 3-4 hours riding

    Maya's Farm
    After breakfast you will be introduced to your horse before setting of for an introductory ride of couple of hour to another farm and return. This is your first chance to glimpse your beautiful surroundings. Back to Maja's farm for lunch with another short ride in the afternoon.

    Dinner and overnight at the farm.
  • Day 3 3 : RIDING ON THE FARM - 4-5 hours riding

    Maya's Farm
    After breakfast, riding for two hours across the plains until reaching a charming traditional farmhouse where you stop for lunch (or picnic lunch). After lunch break you will get back on the horses to ride back to Maja's farm.
  • Day 4 4: RIDING ON THE FARM - 2 hours riding

    Maya's Farm
    Set out on horseback for a 2-hour ride this morning. After lunch, there is a possibility to go watch a traditional Hungarian horse display at a Lipizzaner stud farm (not included) or use the hot tub/sauna back at the farm!
  • Day 5 5: BUDAPEST - DEPARTURE - No riding

    Departure after breakfast.

    If you have requested a transfer to the airport then you will depart from the farm between 7:30 and 11:00 a.m.

    If your flight is late in the day then you can be dropped in the city and explore for the afternoon

Dates & prices

Price details

- Flights to your destination are not included, but can be booked on request - please contact us for rates.

- Rates are per person, based on two riders sharing a double or twin room.

- Groups are composed of a minimum of 2 international riders and a maximum of 7 riders, plus guides.

- Transfers to and from Budapest airport are not included and have an extra cost of €60 per person, return rate (paid locally). The times for arrival/pick-up should be between 2:00-6:00 pm and for departure 7.30-11 am. If your flights don't match this schedule, a private transfer can be arranged for around €100/£90/$110 per car, each way. Transfers to/from the city centre are possible on request.

- If you sign up to the ride as a solo rider and there are no other riders likely to share your room, you will be charged a single room supplement of approx. €80/£70/$90. You will then be reimbursed if a sharer is found for you at a later date.

- If your flight is later in the day you can be dropped off in the city to explore in the afternoon. Taxi to the airport will cost around €20.

- Accompanied children 12 years and older are welcome

- If opting for the Horse Display on Day 4: €25/£21/$28 extra (subject to change)

- Rider weight limit: 85 kg/187 lbs/13.3 st. Riders over 85 kg can sometimes be accommodated on request. They must be excellent riders with a light seat. (please contact us before booking)
Please Note
The itinerary may be modified at anytime for security reasons, meteorological or events beyond our control such as blocked roads, rivers in flood, drought, strikes and local holidays. Equus Journeys, our local partners and their local guides will always strive to find the best solution and will alter the itinerary as needed.
The names of the hotels and accommodation are given for information only and depending on availability, they may be modified without notice and replaced by another of a similar standard.

Price includes

Support Team

1 English-speaking horse guide


1 support vehicle
1 horse equipped with saddle and bridle


Double or twin room at Maja's farm


Full board from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on day 5
Mineral water and hot drinks at breakfast


Use of the sauna at Maja's farm (two sessions)

Price doesn't include


Soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and personal extras


Airport transfers
International flights can be booked upon request


Tips to the local team
Small group supplement. See above for price details


Cancellation and travel insurance are not included in the above listed price. Please note that insurance is mandatory. We recommend taking out an insurance policy as soon as your trip is booked to cover you in case of cancellation



Single room supplement
  • Departure Return Price without flights Status
    06/03/2024 10/03/2024 £625 €719 $775
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    14/03/2024 18/03/2024 £625 €719 $775
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    20/03/2024 24/03/2024 £625 €719 $775
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    27/03/2024 31/03/2024 £625 €719 $775
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  • Departure Return Price without flights Status
    01/05/2024 05/05/2024 £625 €719 $775
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    07/05/2024 11/05/2024 £625 €719 $775
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    12/05/2024 16/05/2024 £625 €719 $775
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    02/06/2024 06/06/2024 £625 €719 $775
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    26/06/2024 30/06/2024 £625 €719 $775
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  • Departure Return Price without flights Status
    17/07/2024 21/07/2024 £625 €719 $775
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    24/07/2024 28/07/2024 £625 €719 $775
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    31/07/2024 04/08/2024 £625 €719 $775
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    07/08/2024 11/08/2024 £625 €719 $775
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    14/08/2024 18/08/2024 £625 €719 $775
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    21/08/2024 25/08/2024 £625 €719 $775
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    28/08/2024 01/09/2024 £625 €719 $775
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  • Departure Return Price without flights Status
    06/11/2024 10/11/2024 £625 €719 $775
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    13/11/2024 17/11/2024 £625 €719 $775
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    20/11/2024 24/11/2024 £625 €719 $775
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Equestrian info


The horses are a mixture of Hungarian warmbloods, sport horses, Furioso (from English Thoroughbreds) and Kisberi. They are very forward going, balanced and well trained. They are all in great condition and have very healthy, hard hooves, allowing them to be ridden barefoot.

Guide & local team

Your guide, Maja, is from Budapest and speaks good English. She left the formality of riding schools in the city for the wide open landscapes of the plains for unbridled gallops!

Minimum riding ability

Minimum riding ability

This ride is open to intermediate and advanced riders, capable of cantering and galloping in balance across open terrain in a group whilst maintaining full control of your horse.

- Rider weight limit: 85 kg/187 lbs/13.3 st. Riders over 85 kg can sometimes be accommodated on request. They must be excellent riders with a light seat. (please contact us before booking)


There are lots of opportunities for longer trots/canters and gallops across the open plains where the going is a mixture of sandy tracks and grassy meadows. There can be some long periods of canter.

Tacking ability and participation

Guests can help groom and tack, although this is not expected. You can also assist with feeding and watering if you wish.

Trip conditions and Requested experience

You need to be fit and in good physical condition.

Equestrian equipment

English tack only.
Saddlebags and seat savers are not provided.
We recommend our riders to wear a helmet to the correct standard and you should bring your own to ensure a proper fit

Travel info


All nights are spent at Maja's farm, which is comfortable but basic. They have recently added a sauna and jacuzzi which can be used on request (two sessions of 1.5 hours are included). There is WiFi in the main areas but not in the rooms.


You eat traditional local Hungarian fare. Lunches and dinners are taken at Maja's farm or are picnic lunches.

Water is included throughout. Extra drinks and beverages are not included but can be purchased locally.


The southern plains have a continental climate with strong differences between the harsh winters and hot, dry summers. It can be humid in May/June with thunderstorms. Maximum temperatures are around 26c in summer and 1c in winter, although it can reach 30c in July/August.


It is customary to tip 10% in restaurants and to taxi drivers. You may wish to leave a tip with the guide who can split it amongst all members of the team - this is not obligatory and is entirely at your discretion (we recommend €20-30 per person, split between the team)

Packing list

- Equus Journeys strongly recommend that you wear a riding helmet and that you take your own to ensure a correct fit. There are many lightweight options available nowadays.
- Sunhat for when not riding
- Sunglasses - with a cord attached so they don't fly off when riding
- Buff or bandana

Upper body
- Thermals (long or short sleeved)
- Long sleeved shirts provide protection from the sun and add an extra layer
- T-shirts
- Lightweight fleece or jumper
- Warm fleece or jumper (and a spare in case one gets wet)
- Warm and waterproof jacket - it can rain at any time of year and the evenings can be cold in the low season

- Lightweight, comfortable riding trousers or jodhpurs - we recommend riding in them at home before taking them on holiday to ensure they don't rub
- Thermals
- Casual trousers for the evenings, such as jeans or tracksuit bottoms
- Waterproof over trousers

Hands and Feet
- Comfortable riding boots. We recommend short boots with half chaps.
- Trainers or equivalent light shoes for the evenings
- Several pairs of socks
- Gloves - your hands are particularly exposed to the sun, cold or rain whilst riding. Waterproof gloves can be particularly useful

- Pyjamas

Other useful items
- A soothing cream to alleviate any areas irritated by long days spent in the saddle
- Camera and high capacity memory card. Spare battery
- Bumbag for carrying your camera and small items whilst riding
- Water bottle
- Swiss army knife (or equivalent)
- Ear plugs (for light sleepers)

Medical kit
- Any medication you regularly take
- Sunscreen and lip balm - should be high factor
- Insect repellent, preferably containing deet
- Blister plasters in case of any rubs
- Antiseptic cream, plasters, aspirin, anti-histamine, insect-bite salve etc...
- Spare prescription glasses/contact lenses
- Eye drops
- Imodium or similar anti-diarrhoea medication
- Re-hydration sachets
- Antiseptic wipes
- Handwash gel

- We recommend taking a copy of your passport and insurance documents with you in case you lose your originals
- Backpacks cannot be worn whilst riding. We recommend a small bumbag or a coat with pockets so that you can carry small items with you during the day (passport, camera, sunscreen, lipbalm etc)
- We recommend travelling in your riding boots and carrying your hat and some riding clothes in your hand luggage - then if your luggage goes astray you are still able to ride!

In your hold luggage
- Any liquids, such as shampoo, moisturiser, deodorant unless they are less than 100ml and all bottles can fit in a small, clear, plastic Ziplock bag. We recommend biodegradable washing products where possible.

In your hand luggage
- Any valuables, such as your camera, ipod, ipad etc.

Sustainable tourism

  1. Travel light. It's a little known fact, but the lighter you pack, the better for the environment as heavy bags will produce higher emissions (when flying a plane or driving a car!).
  2. Reduce plastic waste. Take your favorite reusable bottle with you. Avoid single-use bags, cups, or straws.
  3. Preserve nature. Always take your rubbish with you during the ride and recycle them. Leave all the flowers or plants as you found them, and never get too close when observing wildlife. Make sure to use eco-friendly products such as body wash or laundry detergent (if camping) to protect both your skin and the environment.
  4. Choose your experiences carefully. Respect animal life by not participating in any activities that abuse wild animals (shows, elephant rides, etc.).
  5. Support local populations. Buy local handicrafts, be respectful of customs, and learn about the culture of local communities.
  6. Share! Raise awareness among your family and friends about sustainable tourism.

For more information please see this page.

Did you know?

Did you know?

Furioso-North Star, the Hungarian horse breed Although the breed is present in the whole of Central Europe, it is relatively rare and on the verge of extinction. Used for both leisure and light farm work, The Furioso is a Hungarian horse breed developed at the Mezőhegyes Stud Farm, with a large thoroughbred influence. It also called Furioso-North Star, after the two primary stallions of the breed. The Furioso generally shows a bay coat, whereas black and chestnut coats are less common. It has a calm and energetic temper, and is renowned for his balance and intelligence.
Today it's more used as a sport horse and can be seen at carriage driving competitions.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

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  • Liliane aged 63 UTRECHT 1 trip
    August 2023
    Maja's Farm in Hungary is a lovely place. Maja cares about her horses, knows what she is about, treats them with respect and care. When the temperature went up to 37 degrees she just changed the schedule and made sure we got the most out of our trip. A very levelheaded horse whose trot and canter have me ample... Read all
    • Horses
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    • Local guide
  • Katarzyna aged 41 IXELLES 2 trips
    November 2022
    • Horses
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    • Accommodation
    • Local guide