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MOROCCO Why Go There?

Riding holidays in Morocco offer many options. Pacey trail rides across the desert or along the coastline and beaches; trail rides through the High Atlas mountains; or centre based stays with comfortable accommodation coupled with the chance to ride in the Atlas mountains. On quality Barb or Arab horses, many of which are stallions, ride horseback trails past Berber villages and immerse yourself in Moroccan culture.


  • Long sandy beaches, ideal for fast canters
    Horse riding on the beaches of Morocco
  • Walking down a steep incline
    High Atlas on horseback
  • Ready for the evening at Camp
    Horseback trail ride through the High Atlas Mountains
  • Riding in the Sahara desert
    Trail riding in Morocco's Sahara Desert
  • At the top of a dune
    Horseriding on the dunes in Sahara desert

Country key facts

Capital: Rabat
Area: 710,850 sq km (274,461 sq miles, including Western Sahara).
Population: 32.7 million (2013).
Population density: 45.9 per sq km

Language: The official language is Arabic. Berber languages are not officially recognised even though it is the language of the country's first inhabitants, who form a majority. French is widely spoken throughout the country, except in the northern regions where Spanish is more predominant. English is also understood, particularly in the north and major tourist destinations like Marrakech.
Religion: Morocco is predominantly Muslim with Jewish, Christian and Hindu minorities.
Political regime: Constitutional monarchy
Head of State: Abdel-Ilah Benkiran
Head of Government: Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane since 2011

Social and economic data



Population, culture and traditions

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Riding in Morocco

Morocco is a fascinating country and a year-round horse riding holiday destination - cool mountain trails in the summer months and pacey desert trails in the winter months. You can choose from camping trails, comfortable accommodation or even a centre-based stay. All riding trails are for intermediate or advanced riders and all include opportunities to canter.

DESERT TRAILS: In the northern fringes of the Sahara desert you can ride across sand dunes and open desert flats, skirt oases and pass Bedouin villages. The trails run in the cooler winter months as the desert is too hot in the summer.

Trails staying in camps: Desert Cavalcade

Trails staying in riads: Horses, Dunes and Nomads

MOUNTAIN TRAILS: In the Atlas mountains these trails take you along narrow paths offering panoramic views. Visit forgotten valleys, high mountain passes and Berber villages clinging to the cliffsides. All trails are camping.

Trails in Spring/Autumn: Saffron Trail and Valley of the Roses

Trails in the Summer: High Atlas Mountains

COASTAL TRAILS: Follow cliffs and beaches along the Atlantic coast, where sea breezes keep the summer temperatures pleasant and discourage sunbathers, leaving the beaches perfect for riding: Riders of Essaouira

CENTRE BASED RIDES: Close to Marrakech and ideal for short-breaks and mixed groups as there are plenty of non-riding activities on offer as well. Comfortable accommodation and family friendly: Moroccan Escapade

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