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Kyrgyzstan is a majestic riding holiday destination - largely mountainous with snow-capped peaks encircling vast plateaus, crystal clear lakes and rivers. During the summer months the pastures are dotted with nomadic herders and their yurts and flocks of sheep. The warmth and friendliness of the people, who will welcome you into their home and offer you a glass of koumiss, is worth the trip alone... the chance to canter for miles across endless pasture is simply the icing on the cake. A riding holiday in the Celestial mountains is a slice of heaven.


  • Dramatic scenery surrounds you on this trail ride
    Horseback trail in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan
  • Riding out from a yurt camp in Kyrgyzstan
    Horseback trail Kyrgyzstan mountains
  • Stay in yurts and discover the local traditions
    Riding on the celestial mountain trail of Kyrgyzstan
  • Traditional Kyrgyz riders in the vast plains of Kyrgyzstan
    Horseback trail in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan
  • A typical yurt camp at the foot of the mountains
    Horseback riding trail in Kyrgyzstan

Entry formalities

To enter Kyrgyzstan, a passport valid for six months beyond the intended departure date, with one blank page, is required by all nationals of the UK, USA, Australia and other EU countries.

Visas are not required by nationals referred to above for stays of up to 60 days except:
1. Nationals of Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania, who do require a visa.
Nationals not referred to are advised to contact the embassy to check visa requirements for Kyrgyzstan.

For up to date advice please visit:

Addresses of consulates

  • Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the UK
    Ascot House, 119 Crawford Street
    W1U 6BJ London
    Tél. : (020) 7935 1462
    Fax :
  • British Embassy in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
    21 Erkindik Boulevard
    Office 404
    720040 Bishkek
    Tél. : +996 (312) 303637
    Fax :
  • Ambassade de France au Kirghizstan
    32, rue Orozbékova apt. 2
    720040 Bichkek
    Tél. : +(996) 312 97 97 14
    Fax :
    47, Rue de l'Abbaye / Abdjistraat
    B-1050 BRUXELLES
    Tél. : 00322 640 18 68
    Fax : 00322 640 01 31


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Did you know?

The Kyrgyz people come from a proud tradition of nomadic horsemen and warriors of the Central Asian steppe. Even though they were once the rulers of a vast empire in the middle of Central Asia,  the people from Kyrgysztan have been under the rule of foreigners for many centuries, ever since the time of Genghis Khan.

One of the most celebrated warriors of the country is Manas. This warrior is known as the leader who unified the country and therefore became the most important figure in the Kyrgyz culture. Statues of Manas can be found across the country, in Bishkek you will be able to find a statue of this warrior on his magical horse, slaying a dragon in front of the Phillharmonia.

A trail riding in Kyrgyzstan is the opportunity to explore intoxicating landscapes on horseback, but also a chance to discover a unique culture, steeped in equestrian traditions.

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