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At Equus Journeys we offer rides all across the globe, but we must confess that we do have a special affinity with a country renowned for its excellent riding, beautiful and varied landscape, and excellent gastronomy - France! Working alongside our French sister company, Cheval d'Aventure, we have carefully selected over 30 unique rides in France with something for everyone, from exhilarating fast-paced rides, relaxing family stays, or even luxurious riding holidays in castles of old . Ride off the beaten track across the beautiful French countryside, passing spectacular Châteaux, traditional villages, galloping along the coast or under the shadow of ancient forests.
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From the horse’s mouth

  • Beaches of Camargue
    October 2021 Kim aged 61
    A very relaxing feel about the environment, great care and respect for the horses and friendliness to all of us riders. We were welcomed so warmly at Brendas, I think the small size of the ranch gives the place its ambience, everyone- horses, dogs, birds and humans are all being taken good care of at Brenda's! The... Read all
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  • Languedoc Roussillon - High Lakes in the Pyrenees
    July 2021 Brooke aged 64
    I would say that that trip was the best of the pack trips I have taken anywhere before. Everything was top notch. Horses, tack, food , equipment, accommodations. Sylvain thought of everything and his attention to detail was incredible. I’m a stickler for horse management which sometimes falls short on these long... Read all
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  • Languedoc Roussillon - High Lakes in the Pyrenees
    July 2021 Silke aged 50
    Very well organized trip, friendly and well trained horses, gear and horses in best condition, good food - wow was that good food!!!! Alegria, a Cheval Mérens. A typical mare (:D needed love and a good scratch now and then), very eager and respectful. Powerhorse.
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  • Aquitaine - Trail riding along the Atlantic shore
    October 2019 Ai Li aged 45
    It was a really unique experience to have the opportunities to canter one-by-one through the forest and on the beach. The horses and strong and fast. The guide observed the riders to ensure safety as well as providing pointers for the riders. The accommodation was comfortable and the food was great!! They even have a... Read all
  • Languedoc Roussillon - The Three Countries
    September 2019 Jane
    An exhilarating trail ride through stunning mountain scenery on strong, sensible and well-kept horses who really know their job. Lots of walking and leading on descents. Be prepared for sudden changes in the weather ( we went from 24 degrees sun to 2 degrees and snow - and back again). Mine was Cazar. Kind, patient,... Read all
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  • Rider on an adventure horseback trail in the mountains
    Riding in the mountains of Provence
  • Riding with the Mt St Michel in the background, France
    Riding in Normandy: the Mt St Michel
  • Riders enjoying a canter in the Morvan, France
    This trail ride includes long and frequent canters, downhill descents and lake crossings
  • Riders cantering in a valley on a trail riding holiday
    Pick up the pace as you reach valleys and plateaus
  • Chambord castle and horseback riders
    Riding to Chambord castle in the Loire Valley