Horse riding holidays and trail rides in Europe

Riding holidays in Europe offer many different experiences: tolting across the lava fields of Iceland or learning high school dressage movements in Spain or Portugal; trail rides through vineyards in France or mountains in Spain; beach rides in Menorca or riding trails through snow in Finland. There are a multitude of horses to discover too - characterful Icelandics, athletic Lusitano's, expressive Andalucians and laid-back Haflingers to name just a few... Whether you want to relax in one place, move on every night or camp in remote locations, there is a riding holiday in Europe to suit everyone.
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From the horse’s mouth

  • Galway family holiday
    July 2022 Rachel Ann aged 70
    Fantastic riding, a perfect location away from any traffic. Lovely, well kept perfectly behaved horses and kind helpful guides. Could not have had a better week. Food and accommodation were excellent. My whole stay was an absolute treat.
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  • Galway family holiday
    July 2022 Patricia Jillian aged 62
    Throughly enjoyed our riding holiday. Accommodation was good and the food amazing. Nelly 2 was fine, safe ride and sensible.
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  • The Welsh Prince trail
    July 2022 Rachal aged 56
    For me this riding holiday fulfilled a life long dream to ride on a continuous journey & staying wherever we finished at in the evening. I had a wonderful horse to ride , he was safe to ride and wonderful to take care of for the four days. Our guide was great in every way , making sure we were all okay at every stage... Read all
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  • Wild Sicily - Madonie to Etna
    June 2022 Charlotte aged 72
    The horses were all well-trained, well-behaved, and strong enough to breeze through a grueling week of up & down paths for 7-8 hrs and 6 days long. I was given Zeus, a tiny Arab who they were converting from guide horse to customer horse. They said he might be difficult (which I don’t mind), but he was also fine.... Read all
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  • The Krka Trail
    June 2022 Silvia aged 32
    We enjoyed a fast and scenic trail through croatia. The national parks were stunning, the horses well behaved and Bosko made a drone video as a wonderful memory of this trip for us. Overall, I highly recommend this trail for experienced riders who don`t mind the heat ;-) After a horse change (thanks Iris ;-) I got the... Read all
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  • Horseback in Toscany
    Swim with horse in Toscany
  • Italy and horse dressage
    Dressage in Tuscany, Italy
  • Horseback trail in Sardania
    On horseback in the dunes in Sardania
  • Spain and hicgh school dressage riding
    High School dressage riding, Spain
  • Riders on spain beach
    Cantering on spain beach
  • island by horse
    Horse riding in Island
  • Pyrénées mountains and horses
    Counter in Pyrénées mountains
  • Horses and riders in Azores
    On the Azores Wild Coast