Horse riding holidays and trail rides in Europe

Riding holidays in Europe offer many different experiences: tolting across the lava fields of Iceland or learning high school dressage movements in Spain or Portugal; trail rides through vineyards in France or mountains in Spain; beach rides in Menorca or riding trails through snow in Finland. There are a multitude of horses to discover too - characterful Icelandics, athletic Lusitano's, expressive Andalucians and laid-back Haflingers to name just a few... Whether you want to relax in one place, move on every night or camp in remote locations, there is a riding holiday in Europe to suit everyone.
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From the horse’s mouth

  • The Krka Trail
    April 2023 Jane aged 55
    This holiday was by far the best trail ride holiday I have been on. The horses were athletic and well cared for. Bosco and his team ran a seemless holiday. We had fantastic accommodation and we were well catered for. The holiday is advertised for advanced riders and this is accurate. The horses are fast, fit and love... Read all
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  • The Krka Trail
    April 2023 Sharon aged 57
    I’ve been on many trail rides over the years and this is up there with the best. Great horses(all of them I would have been happy to ride) brilliant hosting/ guiding, accommodation varied and of a very good quality and the food / drink was extremely good. We were very fortunate to have a group of 8 of us who all got... Read all
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  • The Krka Trail
    April 2023 LYNN aged 68
    A great trail, adventurous and varied. Bosco makes it in many ways, he is charming and such a performer. The tack was a problem. Some of the saddles had lumps and bumps, so several riders ended up a bit sore (was also due to poor riding in one instance). But I think one defo needs padded pants for these trails!... Read all
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  • The Krka Trail
    April 2023 Fiona aged 52
    Amazing breathtaking area to travel through on horseback. Everyone was friendly and hospitable. Mario and Ivan who took the rides took great pictures and videos ensuring everyone was included. Bosco the owner took a drone video which was amazing to be able to see yourself in canter/ gallop. Horses were super fit and... Read all
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  • Lassithi trail in Crete
    March 2023 Isabella aged 23
    Iris was so helpful and efficient in organising my trip to Crete. My request was very last minute and I found myself on the most amazing trek - I even extended my stay! It sure was a once in a lifetime experience, however, I will be sure to make this an annual occurrence. The horses were extremely well behaved, with a... Read all
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  • Horseback in Toscany
    Swim with horse in Toscany
  • Italy and horse dressage
    Dressage in Tuscany, Italy
  • Horseback trail in Sardania
    On horseback in the dunes in Sardania
  • Spain and hicgh school dressage riding
    High School dressage riding, Spain
  • Riders on spain beach
    Cantering on spain beach
  • island by horse
    Horse riding in Island
  • Pyrénées mountains and horses
    Counter in Pyrénées mountains
  • Horses and riders in Azores
    On the Azores Wild Coast