Horse riding holidays and trail rides in Europe

Riding holidays in Europe offer many different experiences: tolting across the lava fields of Iceland or learning high school dressage movements in Spain or Portugal; trail rides through vineyards in France or mountains in Spain; beach rides in Menorca or riding trails through snow in Finland. There are a multitude of horses to discover too - characterful Icelandics, athletic Lusitano's, expressive Andalucians and laid-back Haflingers to name just a few... Whether you want to relax in one place, move on every night or camp in remote locations, there is a riding holiday in Europe to suit everyone.
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From the horse’s mouth

  • The Krka Trail
    June 2022 Silvia aged 32
    We enjoyed a fast and scenic trail through croatia. The national parks were stunning, the horses well behaved and Bosko made a drone video as a wonderful memory of this trip for us. Overall, I highly recommend this trail for experienced riders who don`t mind the heat ;-) After a horse change (thanks Iris ;-) I got the... Read all
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  • Ancient Mountain Trails
    June 2022 YUN WAH TERESA MARIE aged 37
    One of the best horseriding trails I have ever been to. Albania is a very underrated destination and I hope more people discover this amazing country. I rode Zeus - a beautiful, calm gelding. Kristina our guide matched each rider's characteristics to their horse perfectly
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  • Mountains and beaches of Catalonia
    June 2022 Sharon aged 56
    I rode Perla - 7 year old grey. Very placid, as were all the horses. Nothing challenging but very comfortable for long hot saddle hours!
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  • Mountains and beaches of Catalonia
    June 2022 Laurie aged 58
    What a fantastic trip! The hosts Joan and Di are wonderful. The horses were great, the guide Judith was super. I liked all of the lodging and food. I would definitely recommend. Take a saddle cushion and chafing cream tho! There is a lot of riding! I rode Golfur. Quiet, sane. I had a broken arm so he was perfect
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  • Riding in the Thrace Empire
    May 2022 Shirley aged 72
    Such an amazing experience could not have gone better, Alex and his family looked after us so well we could ask them anything! I said my seat bones were a bit sore and the next day Maria had put a second sheeepskin on my saddle! The picnics in the forests were delicious, the hotels and mineral spas lush, the... Read all
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  • Horseback in Toscany
    Swim with horse in Toscany
  • Italy and horse dressage
    Dressage in Tuscany, Italy
  • Horseback trail in Sardania
    On horseback in the dunes in Sardania
  • Spain and hicgh school dressage riding
    High School dressage riding, Spain
  • Riders on spain beach
    Cantering on spain beach
  • island by horse
    Horse riding in Island
  • Pyrénées mountains and horses
    Counter in Pyrénées mountains
  • Horses and riders in Azores
    On the Azores Wild Coast