Sardinia's Isles

Enjoy a trail riding holiday on horseback in Italy, exclusive to Equus Journeys, across two to three of Sardinia's islands : discover Sardinia's southern isle, the isle of Sant'Antioco and the isle of San Pierto, depending on your option. During your horse trip in Sardinia, you will have the opportunity to discover the many beauties of Sardinia; magnificent countryside out of the way of tourists, sun-soaked beaches and cliffs that give way to the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean. After returning your horse to the stables, relax in rural guest houses where you will sample true Sardinian cuisine.
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Trail Riding
8 days/ 6 days riding
From £1,245
  • Cantering on the beach in Sardinia
    Cantering along the seashore
  • On horseback on the beach in Sardinia
    Pristine beaches ideal for long gallops
  • Horses and white villages in Sardinia
    Explore the white villages of Sardinia on horseback
  • Horseback ride in the dunes in Sardinia
    Riding in the dunes in Sardinia
  • Sardinia on horseback
    Beautiful views over the surrounding isles
  • Coast ride in Sardinia
    Ride to the rugged coast on brave horses
  • Sardinia wild coast on horseback
    Horseback trail ride along the wild coast
  • Horseback trail ride in Sardinia
    Riding trail in Sardinia



o Explore Sardinia's three islands on horseback - Sardinia's southern isle, Sant'Antioco and also San Pietro if you go for this option
o Canter along some of Sardinia's beautiful beaches
o Enjoy breath-taking countryside along the Mediterranean coast
o Sample authentic Sardinian cuisine each evening
o Ride well-trained and sure-footed horses across a variety of terrains

    Agriturismo Agrifoglio
    On your arrival into Cagliari at 17:30, you will be met by your guide or a representative from our team. Once all the riders have arrived, you will be driven to San Giovanni Suergiu which is around a 1h15m drive from the airport.

    After arriving at your hotel or villa, you will have a chance to settle in before dinner.

    In the evening, over a delicious Italian meal, you will meet your guides who will brief you on the ride to come, their horses and they will find out a little bit more about your level before the start of the ride the following day.
  • Day 2 2 : SAN GIOVANNI SUERGIU - SANT'ANTIOCO - 5 to 6 hours riding

    I Colori
    After breakfast, both horses and riders will be taken by road to Sant'Antioco island, which is connected to Sardinia by a bridge. On the island, you will lead the horses from the lorry and prepare them before starting your ride. The day's riding will allow you to discover the wild and magnificent beauty of rural Sant'Antioco, a different side to the Sardinia you will have already explored. Lunch will be a picnic alongside the horses before travelling to your hotel.

    After checking in and refreshing after the day's ride, you will spend the evening meal with your guides and enjoy traditional Italian cooking.

    Please note: From the end of June to the beginning of September it can be extremely hot, the time spent on horseback can therefore be shortened from 6 to 4 hours.
  • Day 3 3 : SANT'ANTIOCO - 5 to 6 hours riding

    I Colori
    Today will be spent exploring the north-west of Sant'Antioco stopping for a picnic lunch with a fantastic view. In the evening, you will return to your hotel where your dinner will be awaiting you!

    Please note: From the end of June to the beginning of September it can be extremely hot, the time spent on horseback can therefore be shortened from 6 to 4 hours.
  • Day 4 4 : SANT'ANTIOCO - SAN PIETRO - 5 to 6 hours riding

    I Colori
    In the morning, you will load the horses into the horse box before leaving for the mountains. The views over the coast and the islands are truly spectacular.

    Dinner in a restaurant and back to the hotel for the night.

    SAN PIETRO ALTERNATIVE: Instead of today's ride to the mountains, you wish to tick another island off your list and ride on San Pietro Island (£180 supplement, 3 riders minimum).

    Please note: From the end of June to the beginning of September it can be extremely hot, the time spent on horseback can therefore be shortened from 6 to 4 hours.
  • Day 5 5 : BRUNCU - SAN GIOVANI SUERGIU - 5 to 6 hours riding

    I Colori
    Like the day before, the morning starts with a journey by car and boat this time to reach Portoscuso port. After a few kilometers on the road in Sardinia, you will set off for Drettu where you will discover a glorious view of Sant'Antioco - the island you explored on horseback just 2 days before. You will also explore the harbor with its traditional Sardinian flat-bottomed boats. After a lunchtime picnic, you will ride through Dea Madre, the ancient village of Is Locis Santus.

    At the end of the day's ride you will return to the stables. Dinner at the hotel.

    Please note: From the end of June to the beginning of September it can be extremely hot, the time spent on horseback can therefore be shortened from 6 to 4 hours.
  • Day 6 6 : MONTE PRANU LAKE - 5 - 6 hours riding

    I Colori
    In the morning, you will make your way to the neighboring stables where you will meet the horses and get saddled up. The first day's riding will be spent exploring Monte Pranu lake and the medieval Tratalis castle with its typical Sardinian Roman church dating from the 12th century. After a picnic on the banks of the lake you will take a different scenic route back to the stables. The Italian evening meal at the guest house or hotel will be a chance to relax with your guides.

    Please note: From the end of June to the beginning of September it can be extremely hot, the time spent on horseback can therefore be shortened from 6 to 4 hours.
  • Day 7 7 : SAN GIOVANI SUERGI - PORTO PINO - 5 to 6 hours riding

    Agriturismo Agrifoglio
    Spending the morning on horseback, you will ride to one of the southern points of Porto Pino Island! Setting off through the salt marshes you will make your way to Monte Palma, an ancient 1000 year old roman-pisan church, offering a glimpse of a spectacular panorama. From there, you will continue on to the, surprisingly, bright white sand dunes of Is Salinas and a picnic next to the sea. For the afternoon you will ride along a scrubland path before riding through the Carignano vineyards of Porte Su Triggu.

    Your ride will end at Porto Pino, where you will find sandy beaches, rock-pools, flamingoes and cormorants - a beautiful final image of your ride through Sardinia. You will be collected from Porto Pino to take you back to the guest house.

    The evening will be focused around a final Italian meal where you will get to say your final goodbyes to your guides and share memories from your rides.

    Please note: From the end of June to the beginning of September it can be extremely hot, the time spent on horseback can therefore be shortened from 6 to 4 hours.

    After breakfast and saying goodbye to your guides and horses, you will head to the airport. The hour of departure will depend upon the time of the earliest flight.

Dates & prices

Price details

- Flights to your destination are not included, but can be booked on request - please contact us for rates. 

- Rates are per person, based on two riders sharing a double or twin room.

- Groups are made up of 4 to 8 international riders, plus guides.

- If you sign up to the ride as a solo rider, please note that if there are no other riders likely to share your room, you will be charged a single room supplement of approx. €180/£157 on location. You will then be reimbursed if a sharer is found for you at a later date. We are not able to book single rooms in advance on this ride.

- Departures can be guaranteed from just 3 riders with the payment of a supplement of €40/£35 (per person)

- Accompanied children 14 and over are welcome to ride
Please Note
The itinerary may be modified at anytime for security reasons, meteorological or events beyond our control such as blocked roads, rivers in flood, drought, strikes and local holidays. Equus Journeys, our local partners and their local guides will always strive to find the best solution and will alter the itinerary as needed.
The names of the hotels and accommodation are given for information only and depending on availability, they may be modified without notice and replaced by another of a similar standard.

Price includes

Support team

1 English speaking tour leader


1 vehicle and driver
1 support vehicle
1 horse equipped with saddle and bridle per rider

Inland transport

Airport transfers


Double rooms in guest houses and 1 night in a hotel


Full board from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on the final day (day 8)

Price doesn't include


International flights


Tips to the local team

Additional items

Double saddle bags
Cancellation and travel insurance are not included in the above listed price. Please note that insurance is mandatory. We recommend taking out an insurance policy as soon as your trip is booked to cover you in case of cancellation



Single room supplement
  • September - October 2020

    Departure Return Price without flights Price including flights Status
    26/09/2020 03/10/2020 £1,245 Open Book now
    03/10/2020 10/10/2020 £1,245 Open Book now
    10/10/2020 17/10/2020 £1,245 Open Book now
    17/10/2020 24/10/2020 £1,245 Open Book now
    24/10/2020 31/10/2020 £1,245 Open Book now
    31/10/2020 07/11/2020 £1,245 Open Book now
  • November - December 2020

    Departure Return Price without flights Price including flights Status
    07/11/2020 14/11/2020 £1,245 Open Book now
    14/11/2020 21/11/2020 £1,245 Open Book now
    21/11/2020 28/11/2020 £1,245 Open Book now
    28/11/2020 05/12/2020 £1,245 Open Book now
    05/12/2020 12/12/2020 £1,245 Open Book now
    12/12/2020 19/12/2020 £1,245 Open Book now

Equestrian info


Your guides, born and raised in Sardinia, have about 15 horses. They are extremely well looked after, something that our clients frequently note. All are very gentle, have a forward attitude and are well behaved.

Minimum riding ability

Minimum riding ability

Riders should be comfortable riding outdoors at a walk, trot and canter across varying terrains.

Maximum weight of fully clothed rider : 100kg


The pace of the ride is dictated by the terrain, there will be opportunities to trot and canter whenever the terrain allows.

ATTENTION : From the end of June to the beginning of September it can be extremely hot, the time spent on horseback can therefore be shortened from 6 to 4 hours.

Tacking ability and participation

Each person is responsible for grooming, tacking and untacking their horse. You also have the option to assist with feeding and watering.

Trip conditions and Requested experience

Riders should be confident on the varied terrains that will be encountered: sandy paths, beaches and trails through the forest.
Experience of riding over several days is a plus, but is not necessary.

Equestrian equipment

Western saddles or typical Sardinian saddles.
Riding helmets are OBLIGATORY. We recommend all our riders to wear a helmet to the correct standard and you should bring your own to ensure a proper fit.

Travel info


The nights of days 1, 2, 6 and 7 will be spent in comfortable guest houses typical to Sardinia. The nights of days 3, 4 and 5 are spent in a hotel.


Breakfast and dinner are had in the guest houses/ hotels. The meals are made from fresh ingredients and are dishes typical to the region.
Picnic lunches are cold and carried in saddle bags and don't forget to bring a water bottle!


Sardinia enjoys between 9 and 10 months of sun each year, with showers in February. To make the most of riding in Sardinia we recommend booking in the spring or autumn. From the end of June to the beginning of September it can be extremely hot, the time spent on horseback can therefore be shortened.

Guide and local team

In 1978, Candido opened his stables and has led all of his horse riding trails himself. Today, his son, Manolo, works alongside him and has also become an experienced horse riding guide like his father.

Manolo leads most trails and has a basic knowledge of English, but please do not expect the guides to speak perfect English. It is best if you have some knoweldge of Italian to make the most of this experience!


Tipping is not obligatory, however one can be made to the local team at your discretion.

Packing list

- A riding helmet is required. Helmet makers (GPA, HKM, LAS Helmets, Lamicell, Troxel, Equithème) now offer horse-riding helmets that are ventilated, strong, light and comfortable.
- Sunhat: cap for when not riding
- Sunglasses - with a cord attached so they don't fly off when riding
- Buff or bandana for protecting your neck and face from the sun and dust

Upper Body
- Thermals in case of cold weather (long or short-sleeved T-shirts)
- Short or long-sleeved cotton shirts (to provide protection from the sun) or T-shirt in a quick-drying material
- Lightweight fleece or jumper
- Warm polar fleece or equivalent (plus a spare in case one gets wet)
- Warm Goretex-style jacket (water-proof and breathable)

- 2 pairs of jodhpurs or long leather trousers
- 1 change of trousers (riding trousers or jeans)
- 1 pair of waterproof over trousers)
- A swim suit may be useful
- Cotton or synthetic underwear (non-irritant)

Hands and feet
- 1 pair Comfortable riding boots. We recommend short boots with half chaps but you may wish to take long chaps or long boots.
- 1 pair of sandals
- Lightweight shoes or trainers for the evenings
- Several pairs of socks
- Gloves - your hands are particularly exposed to the sun, wind or rain whilst riding

Night gear
- Sleeping bag (if camping)
- Sleeping bag liner (if camping) - silk, cotton or fleece - adds an extra layer
- Pyjamas or tracksuits or thermals for sleeping in

Other useful items
- Small bumbag to be worn whilst riding
- A soothing cream may be useful to treat areas irritated by long hours in the saddle
- Backpacks are not to be worn whilst riding. Everything should be kept either in pockets or in a bumbag : lip balm, sun screen, small camera, glasses, rope etc.
- Water bottle (1.5 litres or 2 equivalent)
- Headtorch or small torch for moving around at night - bring spare batteries and bulbs
- Toiletries
- Toilet paper and a lighter to burn it after use
- Swiss army knife or equivalent (in checking-in luggage!!)
- Small plastic bags for you rubbish
- Ear plugs (may be useful)
- Camera and high capacity memory card. Spare battery

Medical kit
- Sunscreen and lip balm - should be high factor
- Insect repellent
- Any medication you regularly take
- Vitamin C tablets
- Blister plasters in case of any rubs
- Antiseptic cream, plasters, aspirin, anti-histamine, insect-bite salve etc..
- 10cm wide bandage
- Painkillers
- Spare prescription glasses/contact lenses
- Eye drops
- Imodium or similar anti-diarrhoea medication
- Re-hydration sachets
- Antiseptic wipes
- Handwash gel

General information

- We recommend taking a copy of your passport and insurance documents with you in case you lose your originals
- In your hand luggage carry any valuables, such as your camera, ipod, ipad etc.
- Travelling in your riding boots and carrying your hat and some riding clothes is highly recommended - then if your luggage goes astray you are still able to ride!

Visa & Health


British citizens: other nationalities, please contact us.

Passport validity
Your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay; you don’t need any additional period of validity on your passport beyond this.

If you hold a British Citizen passport, you don’t need a visa to enter Italy

The rules on travel will stay the same until 31 December 2020.
Please visit for the FCO website for up-to-date information -

Addresses of consulates

  • Ambassade à l'étranger :
    Piazza Farnese 67
    00186 Rome
    Tél. : +39 06 686 013 02
    Fax : +39 06 686 015 66
  • Ambassade en France
    51 rue de Varenne
    75007 Paris
    Tél. : 01 49 54 03 00
    Fax : 01 49 54 04 10
  • Ambassade d'Italie
    ChancellerieElfenstrasse 14
    3006 Berne
    Tél. : 031/350 07 77
    Fax : 031/350 07 11
  • Ambassade d'Italie
    Rue de Livourne 38
    1000 Bruxelles
    Tél. : 0032/2/543.15.53
    Fax : 0032/2/537.57.56


Visit your health professional at least 4 to 6 weeks before your trip to check whether you need any vaccinations or other preventive measures.

Travellers should be up to date with routine vaccination courses and boosters as recommended in the UK.

For up to date information please visit:


It is a condition of your booking with Equus Journeys that you have travel insurance which covers you for the riding activities to be undertaken. Your travel insurance should cover you for medical expenses and repatriation. Your guides will require your travel insurance details before they allow you to ride and may refuse to let you ride if you cannot provide them. You should take your insurance documents with you.


The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. UK citizens will require an adapter.

Budget and money

The main currency is the euro. You will find ATM ("Bancomat") in every city, town and most villages. Both credit and debit cards are used.

Telephone and jetlag

Phone code: +39