Covid-19: the latest updates

Dear riders,
This page was created to inform you of the decisions we will take in the wake of the current Covid19 situation.

16 September, 2020

The situation continues to evolve across the world, with borders slowly starting to reopen. The FCO travel advice is updated on a regular basis and you can find information on what countries are currently accessible on the FCO website:

14 July, 2020

The countries where British riders (Scottish riders - situation may evolve) can travel with no quarantine on arrival or upon return to the UK are as follows. Please note you may be screened on arrival with temperature checks and that a quarantine may be imposed if you display symptoms: 

06 July, 2020

The UK has recently lifted the ban on non-essential travel to several countries in Europe and some others further afield. This means that UK riders can travel to those countries without having to self-isolate upon their. See the full list on the Foreign Office website. Please note Scotland has a slightly different list, currently leaving out Spain. The countries that have made the list and where we are currently offering holidays are: Croatia, Finland, France, Hungary,  Iceland, Ireland, Italy, The Azores, Spain, Turkey, Canada and New Zealand. Click on each country to see the current travel advice from the FCO.

Important: Please note that not all countries on this list are ready to welcome visitors just yet. Canada, for instance, is not reopening to tourism until perhaps much later this summer. Others, such as New Zealand, might be difficult to get to until we have more clarity regarding connecting flights. Some countries on this list are requesting incoming visitors to self-isolate on arrival but we expect such measures will be progressively lifted. We have included holidays to those destinations in the options below, as the situation is changing constantly and we are hopeful that these countries will be open to you very soon. Please make sure to contact an Equus agent to check your destination’s current foreign policy before making plans.

07 May, 2020

Dear riders,

The Equus Journeys team remains fully operational in these troubled times.  We are currently working on postponing holidays that need to be postponed, and keeping
a close eye on travel restrictions. We are working from home and remain available from Monday to Friday. The best way to reach us is by email - please visit this page if you need to find an advisor’s email address.

Our lines have been diverted but if you need to contact us by phone, please call in the afternoons from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. 

Stay safe, and we look forward to saddling up again together in the near future!

26 March, 2020

Dear friends of Equus Journeys,
As you know, the tourism industry was the first hit by the Covid-19 sanitary crisis. Almost every country in the world is now shutting down borders. Good for the planet,
but not such great news for us of the human species!
Confronted with the many difficulties linked with international travel at this time, we have tried to offer you fair options, mindful of the terrible situation our guides and local partners are now faced with. We have been touched by the on-going solidarity and support shown by the horseback travel industry, and by many of our guests.
Agencies and tour operators across the world are faced with the same issues. Governments across Europe were the first to react to this new economic challenge and have put forward solutions that are meant to protect customers whilst also ensuring business continuity on a global scale.  As a result, tour operators and other organisations within the tourism sector are temporarily released from their obligation to give an immediate refund and authorised to offer postponement in the form of a “voucher”. The terms of this voucher, or credit note, are becoming clearer as the situation progresses. Organisations and associations in Europe and in the UK, such as ABTOT, have voiced their support towards a credit note refund scheme. 
Importantly, this voucher is now valid for a duration of 18 months (until the end of the summer of 2021), leaving enough time for riders to get organised and re-schedule their holiday in the best possible conditions.
The vast majority of our clients have accepted this situation showing support and solidarity with Equus Journeys and all of our team of suppliers around the world.
Last but not least, we would like for you all to keep our local guides and partners in your thoughts. Some of them and their horses have been hit extremely hard by this
crisis. These are the people who work relentlessly to offer you the best possible riding adventures, sharing their cultures and traditions with you. Don’t forget them.
We remain available should you have any questions.

24 March, 2020

We are now working from home and operational. We remain available and can be reached by email or phone. We have spent the last few weeks dealing with guests with upcoming departures and with those who were already travelling, and we are pleased to say everyone is home, safe and healthy.
We are currently contacting riders with holiday scheduled until April 30th. We will keep a close eye on the situation and if necessary, will contact everyone with a departure in May.
We would especially like to thank those of you who have sent us kind messages of support and solidarity directed not only to us, but also to our partners and guides across the world. These messages mean the world to us in these strange times. Thank you!

Please stay safe – and keep dreaming about your next horseback adventures!