Covid-19: the latest updates

Dear riders,
This page was created to inform you of the decisions we will take in the wake of the current Covid19 situation.

October 2020

What a year! Certainly not one for the books for us in the travel industry, but here at Equus we remain optimistic that it is only a matter of time before we can travel safely again. Rapid testing, implemented in many major European hubs including Heathrow, has proved efficient and may help reopen international travel until more permanent solutions can be found.

We have contacted all clients affected by the current situation these last few months, and remain operational despite the current difficulties.

We have been able to get a number of clients out on holidays throughout the summer and autumn – British and European riders were able to explore France, Portugal, Spain, Croatia or Italy, while our American guests enjoyed travelling domestically and in Kenya (Tanzania and Namibia are also open for business!). Egypt seems to be a destination of choice for December and Morocco is also ready to welcome visitors (for those of our riders able to travel to those destinations).

Booking a holiday in 2020
British riders have very limited options for what remains of 2020 and the FCO travel restrictions have been known to change with little notice. Unless you are willing to quarantine on your return, it is preferable to defer your project to 2021. American riders currently have more flexibility – please contact us for options. 

Booking a holiday in 2021
We are taking bookings for 2021 and have scheduled departures for almost every single one of our holidays. If you have a project for 2021, please contact us and we will be happy to help you see what is available, even if you are not prepared to book just yet – there is no harm in looking around!

Cancelling or postponing a holiday
If your holiday has to be postponed or cancelled due to travel restrictions, an Equus travel advisor will contact you to talk about your options. We normally consider that a holiday will not go ahead only 3 weeks before departure.

If you would like to postpone your still scheduled holiday to a later date, please contact us so we can discuss options. If you want to cancel a holiday that is still scheduled, then our normal cancellation policy applies. Depending on your insurance policy, you may be able to claim this back and we will be happy to help.

Useful resources
The British Foreign Office website offers a wealth of information on international travel with detailed country pages: , as well as travel guidance during the pandemic:

The US Bureau of Consular affairs offer similar guidance:
You can also follow the latest updates from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control on this page: