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PERU Why Go There?

Peru encompasses the splendour of the high Andes and ancient Incan civilisations. Horse-riding trails in Peru offer the opportunity to ride the Peruvian Paso - the cadillac of horses with its smooth extra gait, the paso llano. Visit Macchu Picchu, Cusco and other Incan sites whilst riding through dramatic mountain scenery or follow riding trails through the Colca Canyon and end your holiday at Lake Titicaca. Riding trails in Peru can offer great luxury, staying in comfortable hotels or you can choose a more rustic approach with nights spent camping out under the stars.


  • A steep descent ahead
    Horseback riding trail to the Sacred Valley
  • Soaring on the thermals
    Trail riding around the Colca Canyon Peru
  • See the splendour of the Inca empire
    Horseback riding expedition in  Peru
  • A great view of Machu Picchu
    Trail riding horseback safari in Peru
  • Riding across Colca Canyon in Peru
    Trail riding around the Colca Canyon Peru
  • A stunning view from up high
    Colca Canyon horseback trail

Country key facts

Capital: Lima
Area: 1,285,315 sq km
Population: 30,3 million (2013).
Population density: 22 per sq km.

Language: Spanish and Quechua are the official languages. Aymara is spoken in the Lake Titicaca area. Many other dialects exist in the jungle regions.
Religion: 81.3% Roman Catholic, 12.5% Evangelical, 3.3% other denominations, 2.9% unspecified or none
Political regime: Republic
President: Ollanta Humala since 2011
Prime Minister: Pedro Cateriano

Social and economic data



Population, culture and traditions

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Peruvian Paso's

One of the highlights of a horse riding holiday in Peru is the Peruvian Paso horse. Native to Peru, these horses are direct descendents of the Spanish horses brought over by Christopher Colombus and the Conquistadors. Due to their isolation within the Andean mountains they are considered to be one of the purest breeds in the world.

The trademark of the Peruvian Paso is its special gait - the Paso Llano. A four beat, lateral gait similar to the Icelandic gait, the Paso Llano has a distinctive action where the forelegs are rolled outwards as the horse moves forwards. Called Termino this action is natural and originates from the shoulder, allowing the horse to swing the leg forwards out of the way of the hind legs.This harmonic motion makes the paso llano a very smooth gait and the Peruvian Paso has been described as the cadillac of horses.

Peruvian breeders believe that great horses are born and not trained - training simply brings out the animals inherent ability. In order to ensure that horses show only their true and natural gaits, without modification, no horse is allowed in a Peruvian show ring wearing shoes or with hooves longer than 4 inches.

Peruvian Paso's are 14hh - 15.3hh high and are high-spirited but easy to handle. They have a sparkling action whilst remaining smooth and sure footed. They have a refined but powerful build and can be found in all whole colours such as bay, chestnut and grey.

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