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JORDAN Why Go There?

Can you imagine yourself cantering across the rose pink sands of the Wadi Rum desert in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia? A riding holiday in Jordan is to live the life of a Bedouin - sleep under the stars with your trusty Arabian mare quietly eating her alfalfa just a few feet away. Visit the ancient Nabatean city of Petra and experience the lowest point on earth - the Dead Sea. A riding holiday in Jordan is like three holidays in one - amazing riding, culture and relaxation.


  • Ride the Wadi Rum trail in Jordan
    Trail riding through the Wadi Rum Desert
  • Your guide and his dog
    Wadi Rum desert on horseback
  • Break at Petra
    Horseback riding in Petra, jordan
  • Horses and riders in sunset light
    Horses and riders in Jordan
  • riding in Jordan desert
    Riders and horse in Jordan

Country key facts

Official title: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Capital: Amman
Area: 89,342 sq km (34,495 sq miles).
Population: 6.6 million (2013).
Population density:
73.3 per sq km.
Language: Arabic is the official language. English is widely spoken. French, German, Italian and Spanish are also spoken in many tourist areas.
Religion: Over 92% Sunni Muslim, with 2% Shi'a and Druze Muslim. A significant Greek Orthodox Christian minority (6%) resides mainly in the villages around the hill city of Madaba.
Political regime: Constitutional monarchy
Head of State: King Abdullah II since 1999
Head of Government: Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour since 2012

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Population, culture and traditions

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Did you know?

"Lawrence of Arabia" refers to the British soldier T.E.Lawrence who wrote the autobiographical book Seven Pillars of Wisdom whilst serving as a liason officer with rebel forces during the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Turks of 1916-1918.

Lawrence was based in the Wadi Rum as a member of the British forces and with the support of Emir Faisal and his tribesmen, carried out attacks on the Ottoman forces from Aqaba in the south to Damascus in the north. Many sites in the Wadi Rum have been named after him and the famous rock formations near the entrance are now known as the Seven Pillars.

The title "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" actually comes from the Book of Proverbs and Lawrence had intended to write a book about seven great cities of the Middle East, but when war broke out he liked the name so much that he kept it for his autobiography.

Our trail ride in Jordan visits many of the sites attributed to Lawrence: Lawrence's house, Lawrence's spring and the Seven Pillars being some of them.

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