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CUBA Why Go There?

Cuba, the largest and most populous island in the Caribbean, gives the impression, visually, that since the 1959 embargo it has been frozen in time; the streets play host to vintage American cars while horse-driven carts criss-cross the countryside. However, Cuban culture has its own energy and its natural heritage and the people are unique and vibrant. A country of visual contradictions where well kept colonial buildings shoulder rundown tenement buildings. Whilst trail riding in Cuba, discover three mountain ranges, two vast savannahs, the famed Vinales Valley, waterfalls, cascades and mogotes. Thousands of miles of enticing beaches are the colour of pearls and the country alive with the sounds of Cuban and Creole music.


  • A wonderful riding and cultural experience
    On horseback in Cuba
  • Riding in the lush Cuban landscape
    Horses in the Cuban landscape
  • Trail riding through Cuba's western provinces
    Horses and palm trees in Cuba
  • Riding the West Cuba Trail
    Horse riding trails through western Cuba
  • Fording the stream in west Cuba
    Riding Criollo horses in Cuba

Country key facts

Capital: Havana
Area: 110,860 sq km (42,803 sq miles)
Population: 11.1 million (2013).
Population density: 100.1 per sq km.
Language: The country's official language is Spanish, although most Cubans working in the tourism industry can communicate in English.
Religion: Technically a Roman Catholic majority (85%), though the percentage drops precipitously for practicing Catholics. A variety of Afro-Cuban religions like Santería and Abakuá are widely practiced.
Political regime: Socialist republic
President: Raúl Castro Ruz since 2008

Did you know?: Almost all of the riding you will do in Cuba is in the Natural and Biosphere reserves, natural landscapes and protected areas characterized by their excellent state of preservation and features unique to the region. Moreover, the indigenous flora consists of more than 6,300 varieties displayed in a riot of different colors and shapes.
Did you know?:
Did you know?: Cuba is home to a stunning automobile park. There are an estimated 60.000 vintage cars still in Cuba. After 50 years many of the American cars are still on the road due to excellent preservation. They have been cherished by their owners who have patched them up with Russian and Chinese tractor parts. They can be seen rolling up and down Cuban streets together with European or Asian vehicles and the Ladas, Moskvitchs and Volgas imported by the communist regime. One of the top attractions in this wonderful country is the amazing automobile park you will visit during the trip, where you can see many fine examples of these vintage vehicles.

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