Trail riders in the French region of Alsace
France > Alsace - Champagne Country

On horseback in the Alsace and Champagne country

Riding in Alsace and the Champagne Country is a fantastic equestrian experience - with incredible food and wine to be enjoyed too! With its ancient forests, rolling hills and beautiful vineyards overlooking quaint towns and villages, it is a real pleasure to discover it all from horseback. A part of France with just a hint of Germany, this region has traditions, culture and even an architecture of its own, all of which you will discover on your trail ride. Everywhere, you will receive a genuinely warm welcome. Although beer is excellent, wine lovers are in for a treat, as the region is home to some of the best vineyards in France: Champagne, Riesling, Pinot, Muscat, and many more.
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  • Horseback in Alsace forest
    Riders in the beautiful forests
  • Alsace by horseback
    Group of riders in Alsace
  • Riders in Alsace
    Galoping in the Alsace winery
  • Horseback in Alsace
    A real galoping in Alsace
  • Horseback in Alsace
    Lunch time during the horseback

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