Massif Central - Haute Loire & the Ardèche

This horseback ride through the Haute Loire, in France, will allow you to discover a wild untouched countryside of volcanic plateaus and towering gorges. From the formidable riverside Lavoûte chateau, you will take stunning trails, mountain passes and ride to the majestic peaks of the Haute Loire, Mont Mézenc and Mont Gerbier des Joncs, the source of the Loire. Ride challenging ascents, explore lush valleys and woodland and gallop across the beautiful French countryside.
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8 days / 6 days riding -
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- Ride through stunning lush countryside and woodland far from civilisation
- Enjoy the wide wild open spaces of the Vivarais mountains on the border between Haute Loire and Haute Ardèche - ride along the Mézenc plateau (1754m) and the slopes of Mont Gerbier de Jonc (1551m)
- Explore countryside that is a haven for beautiful flora, blue gentiane, anemones, arnica, as well as the home to spectacular birds of prey
- Discover the oldest chateaus in the Loire - middle-aged, strategically placed fortress built out the volcanic rock of the river banks
- Ride along scenic paths and passes and gallop along plateaus and riverside trails
- Enjoy hearty picnics made from local produce

Dates & prices

We are currently updating our dates and prices they will be online soon. If you want details of this holiday, please do not hesitate to contact us.