Rider and Marwari horse, Rajasthan

From Pushkar to Kumbhalgarh

After a visit to the Pushkar Fair, you will begin your horseback trail between Jodhpur and Udaipur travelling through the coloured Vishnoi village on your beautiful Marwari horse . You will spend your nights in some beautifully renovated ancient Maharajas' palaces. Mounted upon beautiful Marwari horses whilst being guided by accomplished horseman Khem Singh Rathore this horse riding holiday leads you through historically rich regions from the Kumbhalgarh fortress to the semi-arid lanscape.
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14 days / 7 days riding -
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- Ride one of the most beautiful horses in the world, the spirited Marwaris of Rajasthan
- Stay in splendid Maharajas country side palaces.
- Experience true rural Indian life riding through coloured Vishnoi villages on horseback
- Visit Kumbalgarh, the last Rajput resistance stronghold.
- Explore the stunning historic capital of the kingdom of Mawa and its floating palaces.
- Amazing Pushkar festival experience.
- Khem Singh, the best personn to guide you as a direct descendant of the House of Ghanerao.

Special note for 24/10/17 departure - we have decided to get to Pushkar before the official start of the Fair (normally 28/10). The 25, 26, 27th of October will be excellent days for it as the sand dunes at the foot of the city will be teeming with merchants and their camels or horses. The result of this is a unique atmosphere, a mosaic of lights perfect for amateur photographers.

Dates & prices

We are currently updating our dates and prices they will be online soon. If you want details of this holiday, please do not hesitate to contact us.