Riders riding their horses into the ocean in France

Brittany - Ride from Huelgoat to the Crozon peninsula

Explore the French region of Brittany on horseback on a ride that will take you from the mountains and moorland to the coast! Explore the ancient forest of Huelgoat and Cranou, the Arrée Mountain's rocky ridge paths and peat bogs and moorland mired in Druidic myth and Breton legend. In the north-westernmost region in France, ride trails leading you to the craggy coastline and long gallops along the beaches. Discover the Crozon peninsula with its sheer cliffs, unique wildlife and stunning views across Brest harbour and Morgat bay.
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9 days / 7 days riding
From £1,440
  • Riders taking their horses into the sea on a riding holiday
    Enjoy a trail riding holiday in Brittany
  • Group of riders riding in Brittany
    The sea is never far on this horseback riding holiday
  • Group photo of riders on a trail riding holiday in Brittany
    Beautiful views of the Atlantic ocean
  • Brittany riding holiday in France
    A unique coastal trail ride through the Finistère
  • Group of riders riding in Brittany
    The sea is never far on this horseback riding holiday
  • Riders following a trail in Brittany, France
    Ride along headland paths in Brittany
  • Horse standing in front of a tradition Breton cottage
    Discover the lovely Breton heritage, and cottages with stone walls and slate roofs
  • Riders posing for a photo in Brittany
    Horseback holiday in Brittany, France, with Equus Journeys



- Ride a unique circuit through the beautiful countryside in Finistère, the department at the coastal end of Brittany
- Gallop across vast sandy beaches and take headland paths above imposing sheer cliffs and follow trails looking out across the bay and Iroise Sea
- Explore the dense and intriguing Huelgoat and Cranou Forest, where began many a Breton legend
- Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views as you ride the most spectacular ridge trails in the Arrée Mountains
- Experience an athletic and fast-paced ride with plenty of occasions to gallop through this scenic region of France

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