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About Us

Equus Journeys is managed by Chris Leservoisier and was created in 2014 as the sister company to the French agency Cheval d’Aventure. Our passion for travel and horseback riding, coupled with a desire to meet local people and learn about their cultures has inspired us to seek out the best equestrian adventures around the world.


Our Philosophy

Respect is the basis of a better experience. Equus Journeys participated in the writing of the equestrian extension from the Ethical Charter of the Traveller in relation to respect, nature, men and horses.



Joanne Verth, Iris Lapprand and Chris Leservoisier have a combined experience of more than 30 years in the horseback travel industry. As horse owners and riders themselves they are also passionate about travelling and riding holidays in particular. We have selected the best rides all over the world and we regularly visit our overseas partners and accompany riding groups.


Horseback Travel Guide

This guide is an invitation to ride around the world and an illustration of some of the different trips that are possible. On the Equus Journeys website you will find all of our rides, together with the detailed up-to-date itineraries; and a host of interesting information and articles about the different breeds of horses and riding traditions you might encounter.


Prepare your equestrian journey

From our many years spent travelling the world on horseback, we have gathered information and experiences which can help you prepare for your holiday. As well as advising on the correct trail for you, we can assist with packing lists, photography advice etc...


Equestrian Traditions

Worldwide the horse is revered - ridden, worked, respected and cared for - and riding horses is central to all of our holidays. Equus Journeys believes that it is important to inject local equestrian traditions into the heart of our travels. In each meeting with local horsemen, you will gain insight into the long history of man and horse.


In the press

Our latest news and press reports.

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