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  • Our passion for travel and horseback riding, coupled with a desire to meet local people and learn about their cultures and traditions has inspired us to seek out the best equestrian adventures around the world. Trail rides through dramatic landscapes or safaris on horseback in the wilds of Africa; working cattle on a ranch in America or practising your dressage skills on a schoolmaster in Portugal. Where will your dreams take you? A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, so let's take that step together...

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    Joanne Verth, Iris Lapprand, Chris Leservoisier, Isabelle Aniansson are horse owners and riders and have more than 10 years experience in the horseback travel industry. We have selected the best riding holidays all over the world and we regularly visit our overseas partners and accompany riding groups. This first-hand knowledge enables us to assist you in choosing the riding holiday of your dreams.

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Equus Journeys Horseback Travel Guide

This guide is an invitation to ride around the world and an illustration of someof the different trips that are possible including articles about the different breeds of horses and riding traditions you might encounter.

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Horse riding in Madagascar

Julia Elizabeth, 65 years old - Lakewood

For those riders who eschew high end comforts for the sake of experiencing a country in real terms, this trip to Madagascar was perfect. Iris helped me customise a solo trip, which meant that I had lots of time with the operation's people and horses. Four hours a day (which we scheduled to start early to avoid the heat), good lengthy hearty gallops through forests and on beaches, and for me a spicy tall retired Thoroughbred who gave me an excellent ride. The cook, Cici, fed me like a queen even with limited resources. We slept on beach sand, had endless hours to ourselves, explored the villages, and this trip provided lots of rest after a hard climb up Mt. Kenya. Depending on which part of Mada you choose to ride in you are likely to have a very different experience. I got what I asked for-lots of alone time, quiet time, and plenty of excellent high energy riding in thick forests and on open beach. It IS mighty hot here, however, and you are forewarned to be prepared to sweat heavily, even at night in the tent (in November). If you enjoy going simply, experiencing the local culture, and having endless hours watching turquoise breakers (I most assuredly did) after an exhilarating ride in the local area, l recommend Mada.